Project Management Agreement definition

Project Management Agreement means the agreement dated the 20th February 1985 made between the Trustee and the Manager providing for the Manager to manage and co‑ordinate the development and construction of the Resort and includes, if that agreement is terminated, any other agreement in like and similar terms made with the prior consent of the Minister;
Project Management Agreement means the Asset Management Agreement to be entered into on the Document Closing Date between the Project Manager and the Project Company.
Project Management Agreement has the meaning given in the Unit Holders Deed.

Examples of Project Management Agreement in a sentence

  • On 7 December 2011, ZYPM (China) and the Group had entered into the amended and restated deed to Project Management Agreement (the “Deed”).

  • XXXXX has been appointed as the project manager of the Xxx Xxxx Development pursuant to the Project Management Agreement.

  • Pursuant to the Deed, the Project Management Agreement had automatically lapsed on 30 September 2012.

  • Pursuant to the provision of the Project Management Agreement, HREAL has to carry out marketing work for the sale of the residential units of the Xxx Xxxx Development.

  • Pursuant to the Master Agreement, Operational Services Agreement, and Project Management Agreement, Metrolinx shall perform the Fare Collection Services, and shall be the exclusive provider of the Fare Collection Services.

More Definitions of Project Management Agreement

Project Management Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 2(d).
Project Management Agreement means the Project Management Agreement entered into between Lessor and Lessee on the Effective Date, pursuant to which Lessor with contract for and pay for the design and construction of the Project Improvements and Lessee will provide project management services in the coordination and management of the design, construction, equipment procurement and installation, commissioning, start-up, and testing of the Project Improvements.
Project Management Agreement means that certain project management agreement, dated as of March 3, 2006, among the Borrower, the Co-Participants and the Project Manager.
Project Management Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2. “Public Safety Agreement” has the meaning set forth in Section 8.3.
Project Management Agreement means the project management agreement relating to the construction of the Stadium Improvements, the Parking Structure, certain of the Urban Park Improvements and the Infrastructure Upgrades between the City, as owner, and OSEG, as project manager, in form mutually agreed upon between those Parties, each acting reasonably;
Project Management Agreement means, on any date, the Project Management Agreement, as originally in effect on the Effective Date, between AHL and the Owner Representative and as thereafter from time to time amended, supplemented, amended and restated or otherwise modified in accordance with the terms of the Credit Agreement.
Project Management Agreement means the agreement between the Parties as set out in Clause 8 hereof.