Additional Charge Sample Clauses

Additional Charge. If the Loan is prepaid on any day other than a Due Date, whether such prepayment is voluntary, involuntary or upon full acceleration of the principal amount of the Loan by Lender following a Default, Borrower shall pay to Lender on the prepayment date (in addition to the basic prepayment charge described in Section 10.2(a) above and all other sums then due and owing to Lender under the Loan and the other Loan Documents) an additional prepayment charge equal to the interest which would otherwise have accrued on the amount prepaid (had such prepayment not occurred) during the period from and including the prepayment date to and including the last day of the calendar month in which the prepayment occurred.
Additional Charge. The Customer shall pay all shipping charges for ------------------ copies of manuals and other documentation which is sent to the Customer by Millennium Dynamics, Inc.
Additional Charge. Assess a charge of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($250.00) per day as prescribed and set forth in Article V.L (Additional Charges) hereof; and
Additional Charge. During the rate period, the Customer is entitled to the quantity of water fixed as the basis for the capital charge (Committed Volume). Should the Customer use an annual volume greater than the Committed Volume shown on Exhibit B or as amended on Exhibit C, it shall pay the current Commercial rate (Outside of City water sales) for the quantity in excess of the Committed Volume.
Additional Charge. This Lease is what is commonly called a "Net, Net, ----------------- Net Lease," it being understood that Landlord shall receive the Rent set forth in Article 3.1 free and clear of any and all impositions, taxes, real estate taxes, liens, charges or expenses of any nature whatsoever in connection with the ownership and operation of the Premises. In addition to the Rent reserved by Article 3.1, Tenant shall pay to the parties respectively Page 2 of 27 entitled thereto all impositions, taxes, real estate taxes, insurance premiums, operating charges, maintenance charges, construction costs, and any other charges, costs and expenses which arise or may be contemplated under any provisions of this Lease during the Term hereof. All of such charges, costs, and expenses shall constitute additional charges, and upon the failure of Tenant to pay any of such costs, charges, or expenses, Landlord shall have the same rights and remedies as otherwise provided in this Lease for the failure of Tenant to pay Rent. It is the intention of the parties hereto that this Lease shall not be terminable for any reason by the Tenant and that the Tenant shall in no event be entitled to any abatement of or reduction in Rent payable hereunder, except as herein expressly provided. Any present or future law to the contrary shall not alter this agreement of the parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, items which are not customarily included as additional charges or Rent in "Triple Net" leases, such as income taxes and debt service (both principal and interest), are specifically excluded from additional charges pursuant to this paragraph.
Additional Charge. The Bank may at its absolute discretion levy additional charges at such rate and in such manner as it deem fit for any other services the Bank may provide from time to time.

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Additional Charges In addition to the Base Rent and Percentage Rent, (a) Lessee also will pay and discharge as and when due and payable all other amounts, liabilities, obligations and Impositions that Lessee assumes or agrees to pay under this Lease, and (b) in the event of any failure on the part of Lessee to pay any of those items referred to in clause (a) of this Section 3.3, Lessee also will promptly pay and discharge every fine, penalty, interest and cost that may be added for non-payment or late payment of such items (the items referred to in clauses (a) and (b) of this Section 3.3 being additional rent hereunder and being referred to herein collectively as the “Additional Charges”), and Lessor shall have all legal, equitable and contractual rights, powers and remedies provided either in this Lease or by statute or otherwise in the case of non-payment of the Additional Charges as in the case of non-payment of the Base Rent. If any installment of Base Rent and Percentage Rent or Additional Charges (but only as to those Additional Charges that are payable directly to Lessor) shall not be paid on its due date, Lessee will pay Lessor on demand, as Additional Charges, a late charge (to the extent permitted by law) computed at the Overdue Rate on the amount of such installment, from the due date of such installment to the date of payment thereof. To the extent that Lessee pays any Additional Charges to Lessor pursuant to any requirement of this Lease, Lessee shall be relieved of its obligation to pay such Additional Charges to the entity to which they would otherwise be due and Lessor shall pay same from monies received from Lessee.
Basic Rent From and after the Commencement Date, Tenant shall pay to Landlord without deduction or offset, Basic Rent for the Premises in the total amount shown (including subsequent adjustments, if any) in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions. Any rental adjustment shown in Item 6 shall be deemed to occur on the specified monthly anniversary of the Commencement Date, whether or not that date occurs at the end of a calendar month. The rent shall be due and payable in advance commencing on the Commencement Date (as prorated for any partial month) and continuing thereafter on the first day of each successive calendar month of the Term. No demand, notice or invoice shall be required for the payment of Basic Rent. An installment of rent in the amount of one (1) full month's Basic Rent at the initial rate specified in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions shall be delivered to Landlord concurrently with Tenant's execution of this Lease and shall be applied against the Basic Rent first due hereunder.
Additional Rent In addition to Base Rent, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as additional rent (“Additional Rent”): (i) Tenant’s Share of “Operating Expenses” (as defined in Section 5), and (ii) any and all other amounts Tenant assumes or agrees to pay under the provisions of this Lease, including, without limitation, any and all other sums that may become due by reason of any default of Tenant or failure to comply with the agreements, terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease to be performed by Tenant, after any applicable notice and cure period.
Fixed Rent Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, commencing on the Rent Commencement Date, and thereafter monthly, in advance, on the first day of each and every calendar month during the Original Lease Term, a sum equal to one-twelfth (1112th) of the Annual Fixed Rent specified in Section 1.2 hereof and on the first day of each and every calendar month during the Extended Term (if exercised), a sum equal to one-twelfth of the Annual Fixed Rent as determined in Section 3.2 for the Extended Term. Until written notice of some other designation is given, fixed rent and all other charges for which provision is herein made shall be paid by remittance to or for the order of Landlord as follows: c/o Samuels & Associates, 333 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115. Annual Fixed Rent for any partial month shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord at such rate on a pro rata basis, and, if the Rent Commencement Date shall be other than the first day of a calendar month, the first payment of Annual Fixed Rent which Tenant shall make to Landlord shall be a payment equal to a proportionate part of such monthly Annual Fixed Rent for the partial month from the Rent Commencement Date to the first day of the succeeding calendar month. Additional Rent payable by Tenant on a monthly basis, as elsewhere provided in this Lease, likewise shall be prorated, and the first payment on account thereof shall be determined in similar fashion and shall commence on the Commencement Date and other provisions of this Lease calling for monthly payments shall be read as incorporating this undertaking by Tenant. Notwithstanding that the payment of Annual Fixed Rent, Operating Expenses Allocable to the Premises and the Tax Excess payable by Tenant to Landlord shall not commence until the Rent Commencement Date, Tenant shall be subject to, and shall comply with, all other provisions of this Lease as and at the times provided in this Lease. Except as expressly otherwise set forth in this Lease, the Annual Fixed Rent, Additional Rent and all other charges for which provision is made in this Lease shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord without setoff, deduction or abatement.
Additional Rental Lessee shall pay and discharge, as additional rental (“Additional Rental”), all sums of money required to be paid by Lessee under this Lease which are not specifically referred to as Rental. Lessee shall pay and discharge any Additional Rental when the same shall become due, provided that amounts which are billed to Lessor or any third party, but not to Lessee, shall be paid within fifteen (15) days after Lessor’s delivery or presentation of an invoice to Lessee and demand for payment thereof or, if earlier, when the same are due, provided, if the invoice for such amount has been delivered to Lessor, Lessor has forwarded the same to Lessee upon receipt. In no event shall Lessee be required to pay to Lessor any item of Additional Rental that Lessee is obligated to pay and has paid to any third party pursuant to any provision of this Lease.
Base Monthly Rent Commencing on the Lease Commencement Date (as determined pursuant to Paragraph 2.3 above) and continuing throughout the Lease Term, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, without prior demand therefor, in advance on the first day of each calendar month, the amount set forth as "Base Monthly Rent" in Article 1 (the "Base Monthly Rent").
Monthly Rent Tenant shall pay Monthly Rent in advance on or before the first day of each month of the Term. If the Term shall commence and end on a day other than the first day of a month, the Monthly Rent for the first and last partial month shall be prorated on a per diem basis. Upon the execution of this Lease, Tenant shall pay one installment of Monthly Rent for the first full month of the Term and a prorated Monthly Rent for any partial month which may precede it.
Base Rent Lessee shall pay Base Rent and other rent or charges, as the same may be adjusted from time to time, to Lessor in lawful money of the United States, without offset or deduction, on or before the day on which it is due under the terms of this Lease. Base Rent and all other rent and charges for any period during the term hereof which is for less than one full month shall be prorated based upon the actual number of days of the month involved. Payment of Base Rent and other charges shall be made to Lessor at its address stated herein or to such other persons or at such other addresses as Lessor may from time to time designate in writing to Lessee.
Monthly Rental Commencing on the Lease Commencement Date (subject, however, to any modifications or adjustments specified hereinbelow and/or in the "Rent Schedule" attached hereto as EXHIBIT D) Tenant shall pay to Landlord during the Term, rental for the entire Term in the total amount as set forth in EXHIBIT D payable in monthly installments (the "Monthly Rental") in the amount set forth in EXHIBIT D, which sum shall be payable by Tenant on or before the first day of each month, in advance, without further notice, at the address specified for Landlord in Section I., or such other place as Landlord shall designate, without any prior demand therefor and without any abatement, deduction or setoff whatsoever. If the Lease Commencement Date should occur on a day other than the first day of a calendar month, or the Expiration Date should occur on a day other than the last day of a calendar month, then the rental for such fractional month shall be prorated on a daily basis upon a thirty (30) day calendar month.
Minimum Rent The defined term “Minimum Rent” set forth in Section 1.66 of the Lease is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: