Procurement Management definition

Procurement Management means the Director of Lee County’s Procurement Management Department or designee.
Procurement Management means the management of CRV procurement services or any other related services rendered by TCB for the Parties in the procurement process, up to the award of the Framework Agreement;

Examples of Procurement Management in a sentence

  • A Procurement Project shall be described, detailed, and scheduled in the Project Procurement Management Plan prepared by the agency which shall be consolidated in the procuring entity's Annual Procurement Plan.

  • Notice of Intended Decision is posted on the Lee County Department of Procurement Management website (

  • No notifications will be sent by Lee County Procurement Management Division.

  • The ordinance is posted on the Lee County website or may be obtained by contacting the Procurement Management Director.

  • Such application for waiver of debarment must be coordinated with and processed by the Procurement Management Department.

  • Withdrawal requests must be made in writing to the Procurement Management Director, who will approve or disapprove the request.

  • Issuance of a written addendum by the County’s Procurement Management Division is the only official method whereby interpretation, clarification or additional information can be given.

  • The Procurement Management Director may immediately terminate any Agreement/Contract as a result of this solicitation for emergency purposes, as defined by the Lee County Procurement Ordinance 18-22.

  • After submissions are opened, but prior to award of the contract by the County Commission, the Procurement Management Director may allow the withdrawal of a bid because of the mistake of the bidder in the preparation of the submission document.

  • Following FL § Section 287.057(23), Upon the issuance of the solicitation, prospective proposers/bidders or any agent, representative or person acting at the request of such proposer/bidder shall not have any contact, communicate with or discuss any matter relating in any way to the solicitation with any Commissioner, Evaluation Review Committee, agent or employee of the County other than the Procurement Management Director or their designee.

Related to Procurement Management

  • Procurement Manager means any person or designee authorized by a state agency or local public body to enter into or administer contracts and make written determinations with respect thereto.

  • Procurement means buying, purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring any supplies, services, or construction. The term also includes all activities that pertain to obtaining any supply, service, or construction, including description of requirements, selection and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, as well as the disposition of any Protest.

  • Procurement Services shall refer to a business unit of OGS, formerly known as New York State Procurement (“NYSPro”) and Procurement Services Group (“PSG”).

  • Project Management Agreement means the agreement dated the 20th February 1985 made between the Trustee and the Manager providing for the Manager to manage and co‑ordinate the development and construction of the Resort and includes, if that agreement is terminated, any other agreement in like and similar terms made with the prior consent of the Minister;

  • Load Management means a Demand Resource (“DR”) as defined in the Reliability Assurance Agreement.

  • Financial Management Manual means the finance, accounting and administration manual referred to in Section 6.01 (d) of this Agreement, and which forms a schedule to the PIM (as hereinafter defined), including internal control procedures relating to the civil works and technical advisory services to be carried out under the Project, a chart of accounts, and the format and content of financial reports and cash flow forecasts;

  • energy management system means a set of interrelated or interacting elements of a plan which sets an energy efficiency objective and a strategy to achieve that objective;

  • Procurement Plan means the Borrower’s procurement plan for the Project, dated October 31, 2007 and referred to in paragraph 1.16 of the Procurement Guidelines and paragraph 1.24 of the Consultant Guidelines, as the same shall be updated from time to time in accordance with the provisions of said paragraphs.

  • Forest management plan means a written plan prepared and signed by a qualified forester that prescribes measures to optimize production, utilization, regeneration, and harvest of timber. The forest management plan shall include a schedule and timetables for the various silvicultural practices used on forestlands, which shall be a maximum of 20 years in length. A forest management plan shall include all of the following:

  • Construction management contract means a contract in which a party is retained by the owner to

  • Asset Management Plan means a strategic document that states how a group of assets are to be managed over a period of time. The plan describes the characteristics and condition of infrastructure assets, the levels of service expected from them, planned actions to ensure the assets are providing the expected level of service, and financing strategies to implement the planned actions. The plan may use any appropriate format, as long as it includes the information and analysis required to be in a plan as described in Ontario’s Building Together: Guide for Asset Management Plans.

  • Exit Management means the obligations and rights of the Parties to ensure a smooth transition of the Framework from the Contractor to the Authority or any Replacement Contractor as set out in Clause 44 (Exit Management) and Schedule 8 (Exit Management).