Implementation of the Project Sample Clauses

Implementation of the Project. 4.01. The Implementing Entity shall be responsible for the overall management of the Project, including all financial, monitoring and reporting responsibilities.
Implementation of the Project. 6.1 The description of the measures in Article 2.2 including the Project Proposal (Annex 2) constitutes the binding framework for the implementation of the Project.
Implementation of the Project. 1. The Project shall comprise:
Implementation of the Project. 2.1.1. Throughout the Project the Parties undertake to endeavour to work for the best possible conditions for a successful Project, to their best ability complete the Project in accordance with the Project Plan and with the care and workmanship that can reasonably be expected of them, and not to discriminate any other Party.
Implementation of the Project. LTS shall have sole control over the implementation of the LTS activities as established by the decisions and recommendations of the Development Committee and / or the Development Plan.
Implementation of the Project. The Developer shall construct the Project described in this Agreement.
Implementation of the Project. The Company and the Shareholders shall implement the Project with due diligence and efficiency and in accordance with sound technical, economic, financial, managerial, environmental and social standards and practices. The Company and the Shareholders shall provide, promptly as needed, the resources required for the purpose of the implementation of the Project. Employment and safety at work The Company shall at all times during the term of this Agreement comply with all laws and regulations in relation to employment and safety at work.
Implementation of the Project. The Company shall design, insure, finance, acquire, construct, complete, and Commission the Complex, and shall own, operate, maintain, and transfer the Complex, in each case, in accordance with all applicable Laws of Pakistan, the Company Consents, this Agreement, the Power Purchase Agreement, AJ&K Implementation Agreement and Water Use Agreement.
Implementation of the Project. 7.1 Upon execution of the Lease Deed between the Lessee and Lessor, the Lessee shall undertake the following activities and fulfil the following parameters as per the timelines set out below (“Parameters”):
Implementation of the Project. 2.1 To implement the Project and the Vision, the Parties agree that the Courthouse, once reconstructed, and the Courthouse Square, once constructed, will be preserved and utilized as unique community assets and to provide a community gathering place for the use of all the residents of the County. In order to implement the terms and spirit of this Cooperative Agreement and to xxxxxx the Vision, the County hereby rents the Courthouse Square to the City for the Term of this Cooperative Agreement, including any extensions thereof, for the sum of One Dollar ($1.00). The Courthouse Square shall be used, notwithstanding any language in this Cooperative Agreement to the contrary, solely as a public plaza.