Implementation of the Project Sample Clauses

Implementation of the Project. 6.1 The description of the measures in Article 2.2 including the Project Proposal (Annex 2) constitutes the binding framework for the implementation of the Project.
Implementation of the Project. 4.01. The Implementing Entity shall be responsible for the overall management of the Project, including all financial, monitoring and reporting responsibilities.
Implementation of the Project. LTS shall have sole control over the implementation of the LTS activities as established by the decisions and recommendations of the Development Committee and / or the Development Plan.
Implementation of the Project. The Developer shall construct the Project described in this Agreement.
Implementation of the Project. 1. The Project shall comprise:
Implementation of the Project. The Company and the Shareholders shall implement the Project with due diligence and efficiency and in accordance with sound technical, economic, financial, managerial, environmental and social standards and practices. The Company and the Shareholders shall provide, promptly as needed, the resources required for the purpose of the implementation of the Project. Employment and safety at work The Company shall at all times during the term of this Agreement comply with all laws and regulations in relation to employment and safety at work.
Implementation of the Project. ADRA Myanmar shall implement the Project in accordance with:
Implementation of the Project. 7.1 Upon execution of the Lease Deed between the Lessee and Lessor, the Lessee shall undertake the following activities and fulfill the following parameters as per the timelines set out below (“Parameters”):
Implementation of the Project. 5.1.1 On taking possession of the Project Site, the Concessionaire shall refurbish the Project Facility, procure, and install the equipment, furniture, fittings, and fixtures as per the approved Project Plan at the Project Facility in accordance with the Applicable Laws, provisions of this Concession Agreement and any latest/applicable regulations as issued by Government of India and or Government of West Bengal.