Implementation of the Project Sample Clauses

Implementation of the Project. 6.1 The description of the measures in Article 2.2 including the Project Proposal (Annex 2) constitutes the binding framework for the implementation of the Project.
Implementation of the Project. 4.01. The Implementing Entity shall be responsible for the overall management of the Project, including all financial, monitoring and reporting responsibilities.
Implementation of the Project. The Company shall design, insure, finance, acquire, construct, complete, and Commission the Complex, and shall own, operate, [and] maintain [and transfer] the Complex, in each case, in accordance with all applicable Laws of Pakistan, the Company Consents, this Agreement, the Power Purchase Agreement .
Implementation of the Project. LTS shall have sole control over the implementation of the LTS activities as established by the decisions and recommendations of the Development Committee and / or the Development Plan.
Implementation of the Project. The Developer shall construct the Project described in this Agreement.
Implementation of the Project. 2.3.1. Support for the process of securing the appointment of an ombudsman in Dominican Republic
Implementation of the Project. The Borrower shall design, construct, install, operate and monitor the Project pursuant to and materially in accordance with prudent industry standards and practices and in accordance with the Agreed Financial Model, the Business Plan, the Concessions and the terms of this Agreement. The Borrower shall not, without the prior written consent of the Senior Lenders, amend or modify the Agreed Financial Model, the Business Plan or the Concessions.
Implementation of the Project. 1.1. The PhD programme runs for the duration stated in the Overview above.
Implementation of the Project. The Contractors shall take all necessary measures to perform and fulfill promptly and in due time all their obligations so that the Project is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract and this Consortium Agreement. In case that there is no other provision from the current article, the organization of the project and the responsibilities, the duties of the Contractors and the people involved in the Project, will be ruled under the “Description of the Research Project” (Annex A).