Expenses incurred Sample Clauses

Expenses incurred. The Employer does not make allowance for payment of additional transportation costs, parking fees, lunches, etc., incurred while on such duty, nor shall these costs be deducted from the fees received.
Expenses incurred. The Corporation shall not be required to reimburse travel and relocation expenses incurred by an employee when he or she has voluntarily changed positions in accordance with the provisions of this article. However, the Corporation shall reimburse such expenses when an employee is relocated because of a mistake of the Corporation or a violation of the collective agreement.
Expenses incurred for psychologists and qualified social worker services will be covered up to fifty dollars (50$) per visit up to an annual maximum of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) per employee and two thousand dollars ($2000.00) total per family.
Expenses incurred. During the Term, the Company shall pay or promptly reimburse the Consultant for all reasonable travel, telephone and other business expenses paid or incurred by the Consultant in connection with the performance of the Consultant's duties hereunder (which expenses must be pre-approved by the Company), upon presentation of expense statements or other reasonable evidence of expenses.
Expenses incurred. All expenses that stem from the preceding situation, as well as the processing, dispatch, storage, different delivery, and return, will be for the account of the correspondent at the place of origin unless something different is specifically agreed upon. Said expenses would not be billed until the new instructions have been received.
Expenses incurred. The Pledgee is not required to, but may, at its option, pay any tax, assessment, insurance premium, filing or recording fees, or other charges payable by the Pledgor hereunder and any such amount shall bear interest at the Default Rate from the date of payment until repaid. The Pledgor agrees to pay or reimburse the Pledgee on demand for all reasonable expenses including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees (including allocated charges of internal legal counsel), incurred by the Pledgee in connection with (i) the custody or preservation of, or the sale of, collection from or other realization upon any of the Pledged Collateral (including, without limitation, all reasonable expenses of sales and collections of the Pledged Collateral), (ii) the exercise, enforcement or protection of any of the rights of the Pledgee under this Agreement (including, without limitation, all such reasonable costs and expenses incurred during any "workout" or restructuring in respect of the credit extended under the Loan Facility Agreement and during any legal proceeding, including, without limitation, any proceeding under any applicable bankruptcy, insolvency or other similar debtor relief laws) or (iii) the failure of the Pledgor to perform or observe any its obligations under this Agreement, and any such amount shall bear interest at the Default Rate from the date such expenditures are made by the Pledgee until repaid. All amounts described in this Section shall be repayable by the Pledgor on demand and the Pledgor's obligation to make such repayment shall constitute an additional Secured Obligation.
Expenses incurred for the processing services This includes costs and expenses incurred for the provision of the processing services or as a result of the process of providing such processing services (other than the cost of the production facilities), which shall be determined in the specific agreement to be entered into between the relevant parties with regard to the actual circumstances.
Expenses incurred. It is further understood that the expenses thus incurred by the Reinsurer shall be chargeable, subject to court approval, against the insolvent Company as part of the expense of liquidation to the extent of a proportionate share of the benefit which may accrue to the Company solely as a result of the defense undertaken by the Reinsurer. When two or more reinsurers are participating in the same claim and a majority in interest elect to interpose a defense or defenses to such claim, the expense shall be apportioned in accordance with the terms of this Agreement as though such expense had been incurred by the Company.