Definition of Construction Management Agreement

Construction Management Agreement means the Construction Management Services Agreement between the Company and the Sponsor, pursuant to which the Sponsor will serve as the developer and manager for such Property.
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Examples of Construction Management Agreement in a sentence

Buydown Liquidated Damages is defined in Section Certificate of Final Completion is defined in Section 7.4.3. CGSA is defined in Section 22.4 Change Order is defined in Section 14.1. CMA refers to that certain Construction Management Agreement between Owner and NRG Construction LLC dated as of April 5, 2011 with respect to construction management of the Project.
In the event the Construction Management Agreement is terminated by NAI pursuant to subparagraph 5(D) thereof or by BNPLC pursuant to subparagraph 5(E) thereof, clause (2) of this definition will not be construed to include Construction-Period Indemnity Payments, the sole reason for which are Losses suffered by BNPLC consisting of claims related to NAI's failure to complete the Construction Project.
Cox Re: Construction Management Agreement (Phase IV - Improvements) dated as of October 2, 2000 (the "CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT"), between Network Appliance, Inc.
Cox Re: Construction Management Agreement (Phase III - Improvements) dated as of June 16, 1999 (the "CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Agreement"), between Network Appliance, Inc.
It is understood, however, that a failure of NAI to complete construction of the Construction Project will not necessarily constitute a breach of the Construction Management Agreement, given that NAI may elect to terminate the Construction Management Agreement as provided in subparagraph 5(D) thereof.