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Parent Signature. Date: / / Teacher Signature: Date: / / Student Responsibilities ❏ Come to school on time. ❏ Get and complete my homework assignments. ❏ Bring books, homework, and papers to school on time. ❏ Follow CMS behavior rules Principal Responsibilities ❏ Set high standards and implement effective programs in reading and math throughout the school. ❏ Educate students, teachers, families and school staff about the importance of daily reading and the partnership approach of the compact. Allocate resources to ensure that high standards are met for all students. ❏ Provide workshops for families on how to help students learn. ❏ Welcome all families and include and encourage families with low literacy or math skills and/or limited English proficiency. Also ensure that translators or equipment are available so that all families can participate. ❏ Provide a variety of opportunities for parents and families to volunteer at the school.
Parent Signature. Student Signature: Emergency Hospital Consent I authorize the responding paramedics to transport my child to the nearest medical facility which will in the opinion of the paramedics on the scene, provide the care needed by my child. I further authorize Ombudsmen or its representatives to call 911 and summon emergency medical help when, in the judgment of said personnel, it is in the best interest of my child. If medical care is necessary, I authorize treatment of my child. I also agree to pay any medical cost associated with transportation and/or treatment of my child. Signature (OVER) Consent to Release Information Student name: Date of birth: I give consent for ROE26 Alternative Education Programs and my child’s home school district to release information to each other regarding above named student. Shared information should thusly benefit the student’s education. Parent/guardian signature Bullying Bullying on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, sexual orientation, gender-related identity or expression, unfavorable discharge from military service, association with a person or group with one or more of the aforementioned actual or perceived characteristics, or any other distinguishing characteristic is prohibited. I have read the bullying policy provided in the handbook and will adhere to the “no bullying” policy. Student signature Date Media The Regional Office of Education #26 Academy Programs and Safe School Programs provide area newspapers/media with information regarding schools. ROE26 also hosts several internet websites and social media sites. At various times your son/daughter may be included in pictures or articles featuring the school and activities. I hereby give permission for my son/daughter (named above) to be photographed or interviewed by the newspaper/TV/media and to have his/her image used as part of the internet sites administered by the Regional Office of Education #26 and ROE26 affiliates. Parent Signature: Date: Field Trips I grant my permission to ROE26 Academies and Safe Schools for my son/daughter to attend school sponsored field trips during his/her enrollment. Parent Signature: Date: Internet/Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) I understand and will abide by the AUP presented in the handbook. I further understand that should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, and school disciplinary action an...
Parent Signature. Date: Parent Signature: Date: • I agree to notify the centre in writing at least one month in advance prior to the child finishing at the kindergarten. Fees are payable during this notice period.

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  • School Name Form Return Date Student Name Year Level Parent Name Parent Signature Date Privacy Statement The Department of Education collects the information you complete on the Participation Agreement Form in order to administer the Student Resource Scheme (SRS).

  • Parent Signature: As a teacher, I promise to:Increase communication between home and school.

  • I hereby give my permission for my child to participate in this Internet project.Date: Parent Name (print): Parent Signature: *Remember, using the school computers and the school network is a privilege, not a right.

  • School Name Form Return Date Student Name Year Level Parent Name Parent Signature Date Privacy StatementThe Department of Education collects the information you complete on the Participation Agreement Form in order to administer the Student Resource Scheme (SRS).

  • By my signature below, I am agreeing to allow my child’s medical history/exam form and all eligibility forms to be reviewedby the LHSAA or its Representative(s) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…… Yes No Date Signed by Parent Signature of Parent Typed or Printed Name of Parent II.

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Parent Signature. Date: Parent Signature: Date: • Work and Income subsidies are available for families who qualify for this. I agree to pay full fees until a subsidy has been approved and the kindy has been paid by WINZ. Any resulting monies due back to the family will be credited to the child’s account. Parent Signature: Date: Parent Signature: Date: • Families receiving WINZ subsidies are responsible for ensuring their subsidy is maintained and reviewed as necessary. If a subsidy amount decreases or stops completely the family will be liable for all fees owing to the kindergarten. • Any delays or under-payment by WINZ as a result of family inattention to the subsidy will be charged directly to the family. • I agree to advise in writing two weeks in advance, of any changes to their child’s enrolment hours. Poppies does not provide make up days or allow days to be swapped around. Poppies does offer extra sessions at the standard rate if a place is available on the day required. Parent Signature: Date: Parent Signature: Date: • Additional fees may be requested for extra-curricular activities such as excursions. • The fee schedule will be reviewed annually to ensure the centre is able to meet the needs of the budget and stay in keeping with inflation and current market expectations. One months notice will be given. • Sibling discount - a 5% discount will be offered, for the oldest child enrolled only, to families with 2 or more children enrolled at the kindergarten • Late Fee - While we understand that emergencies arise from time to time, consistent lateness will incur a late fee of $20 for every 15 minutes after your enrolled session ends. This late fee will be added to your account and paid to the staff members who stayed late with your child. I agree to pay late fees charged after the session finishes.
Parent Signature. Date: Director Signature: Date:
Parent Signature. Date: Student Signature: Date: Orange County Department of Education Pacific Coast High School 00000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Tustin, CA 92780 xxxx://xxxx.x00.xx.xx PLEASE USE BLUE OR BLACK INK WHEN HANDWRITING (PRINT CLEARLY) S1S - STUDENT CONTACT/REGISTRATION INFORMATION @ 🞏M 🞏F 🞏Nonbinary Student Last Name Student First Name Student Email Address (NO SCHOOL emails) Important - Print Clearly Student Gender Home Street Address City Zip Code Primary Phone Number Student's Cell # Mother's Cell # Mother's Other Phone # Father's Cell # Father's Other Phone # Parent/Guardian Name(s) Mother's Email Address Father's Email Address OFFICE USE ONLY Enrolled By: Referred By/Title: Referral Code: Referral Date: Start Date: Teacher Name & Number: Area/Site: Perm ID #: Alternative Community, and Correctional Educational Schools and Services COMMUNITY SCHOOL REFERRAL - S1S Student's Name: A.K.A. CALPADS Last First Middle SSID #:
Parent Signature. Date: Parent Signature: Date: • Failure to keep fees up to date may result in a child’s enrolment being forfeited and the debt being passed on to a debt collection agency. I agree that any costs incurred in the recovery of the overdue fees will be payable by me. Parent Signature: Date: Parent Signature: Date: • Fees that are overdue by more than two weeks will incur a 10% penalty. Parent Signature: Date: Parent Signature: Date: Doctor: Child’s Doctor Name: Phone: Name of medical centre: Address: Health Please list any previous or current illness or allergies your child has that we will need to be aware of: Please list any foods your child should not eat at the centre: Is your child up-to-date with immunisations? Tick One Yes No (Please provide verifications of all immunisations) Immunisations record sighted and details recorded: Tick One Yes No Medicine
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