ZIP Code definition

ZIP Code means the zip code of the post office where the patient customarily receives mail. If the patient resides outside the United States or its territories, the zip code shall be "99998."

Examples of ZIP Code in a sentence

  • Also shown in this report are Hirschmann- Herfindahl Indexes for each industry.The Location of Manufacturing data files contain statis- tics on the number of establishments for the three- and six-digit NAICS industry by state, county, place, and ZIP Code by employment-size of the establishment.

  • NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (Number, street, county, State and ZIP Code) 9A.

  • Company Mailing Address, City, State and ZIP Code (if separate from physical).

  • Depending on an offender's criminal history, this information will include either the address at which the offender resides or the community of residence and ZIP Code in which he or she resides.

  • NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (No., street, county, State and ZIP Code) 9A.

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ZIP Code means an area of the United States that is delineated by a U.S. postal zip code.
ZIP Code means a Zoning Improvement Plan Code assigned to a 1579 geographic location by the United States Postal Service. 1580 Section 2. Section 59-12-104 is amended to read: 1581 59-12-104. Exemptions. 1582 Exemptions from the taxes imposed by this chapter are as follows: 1583 (1) sales of aviation fuel, motor fuel, and special fuel subject to a Utah state excise tax 1584 under Chapter 13, Motor and Special Fuel Tax Act; 1585 (2) subject to Section 59-12-104.6, sales to the state, its institutions, and its political 1586 subdivisions; however, this exemption does not apply to sales of: 1587 (a) construction materials except: 1588 (i) construction materials purchased by or on behalf of institutions of the public 1589 education system as defined in Utah Constitution, Article X, Section 2, provided the 1590 construction materials are clearly identified and segregated and installed or converted to real 1591 property which is owned by institutions of the public education system; and 1592 (ii) construction materials purchased by the state, its institutions, or its political 1593 subdivisions which are installed or converted to real property by employees of the state, its 1594 institutions, or its political subdivisions; or 1595 (b) tangible personal property in connection with the construction, operation, 1596 maintenance, repair, or replacement of a project, as defined in Section 11-13-103, or facilities 1597 providing additional project capacity, as defined in Section 11-13-103; 1598 (3) (a) sales of an item described in Subsection (3)(b) from a vending machine if: 1599 (i) the proceeds of each sale do not exceed $1; and 1600 (ii) the seller or operator of the vending machine reports an amount equal to 150% of 1601 the cost of the item described in Subsection (3)(b) as goods consumed; and 1602 (b) Subsection (3)(a) applies to: 1603 (i) food and food ingredients; or 1604 (ii) prepared food; 1605 (4) (a) sales of the following to a commercial airline carrier for in-flight consumption: 1606 (i) alcoholic beverages; 1607 (ii) food and food ingredients; or 1608 (iii) prepared food;
ZIP Code. 178==8=3============::: Fax: � � Email: PROJECT INFORMATION/DESCRIPTION _ - - _ _ _ _ _ ::===============::: Property/Parcel ID: �11_5_5_18_4 _ � Project Address: �!2 2 2 E M itc h ell S t S an Anton- i o- , XX- 00 0 0� Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx: xxxx://xxxxx0 l /Icripadmin/SummaryDetai1Page.aspx?Waiverld=842&AT=O 9/29/2016 ::::==========: ::::==========: ::::==========: Acreage: 113 5 Proposed Land Used of Project: JMixed Use ::=====:::::::'...________� Other Proposed Land Used of Project: Housing Units Created: 1262 Thi::3 pr,·.:j�,::t wi 1 be a red·:elop ent of Project Description: st"ltineinearisyti,cnugr rehir,st xxx,x0-�0x,xX,xx. byJ�tU,�,e's Ar·cildi.:ic8S'S of 3 n Ar1t.-:1niL r1e:·:t t .J 'V 1-lissiun Couception It. ·,1ill cor,si. �t c.,f Proposed Level of Investment: js21, 187,129.00
ZIP Code means a Zoning Improvement Plan Code assigned to a geographic 3005 location by the United States Postal Service. 3006 Section 22. Section 62A-15-103.5 is amended to read: 3007 62A-15-103.5. Provider certification. 3008 The division may not require a licensed mental health therapist, as defined in Section 3009 58-60-102, to also be licensed by the Office of Licensing, [with the Department of Human 3010 Services,] within the department, in order to certify the licensed mental health therapist to 3011 provide mental health or substance use disorder screening, assessment, treatment, or recovery 3012 support services to an individual who is incarcerated or who is required to participate in 3013 treatment by a court or by the Board of Pardons and Parole. 3014 Section 23. Section 63B-1-306 is amended to read: 3015 63B-1-306. Obligations issued by authority -- Limitation of liability on 3016 obligations -- Limitation on amount of obligations issued. 3017 (1) (a) All obligations issued by the authority under this part shall be limited 3018 obligations of the authority and may not constitute, nor give rise to, a general obligation or 3019 liability of, nor a charge against the general credit or taxing power of, this state or any of its 3020 political subdivisions. 3021 (b) This limitation shall be plainly stated upon all obligations. 3022 (2) (a) No authority obligations incurred under this section may be issued in an amount 3023 exceeding the difference between the total indebtedness of the state and an amount equal to 3024 1-1/2% of the value of the taxable property of the state. 3025 (b) Debt issued under authority of the following parts or sections may not be included 3026 as part of the total indebtedness of the state of Utah in determining the debt limit established by 3027 this Subsection (2): 3028 (i) Title 63B, Chapter 6, Part 2, 1997 Highway General Obligation Bond 3029 Authorization; 3030 (ii) Title 63B, Chapter 6, Part 3, 1997 Highway Bond Anticipation Note Authorization; 3031 (iii) Title 63B, Chapter 7, Part 2, 1998 Highway General Obligation Bond 3032 Authorization; 3033 (iv) Title 63B, Chapter 7, Part 3, 1998 Highway Bond Anticipation Note 3034 Authorization;
ZIP Code means a Zoning Improvement Plan Code assigned to a
ZIP Code means a Zoning Improvement Plan Code assigned to a geographic 1403 location by the United States Postal Service. 1404 Section 2. Effective date. 1405 This bill takes effect on July 1, 2009.