Signatories definition

Signatories means all member companies that have signed this Voluntary Agreement. See in section 1 the name of Signatories of this Voluntary Agreement.
Signatories means those entities that have documented their concurrence with the terms and conditions of the instrument through their signature on the document.

Examples of Signatories in a sentence

  • Signatories for close corporations and companies shall confirm their authority by signing on behalf of the company/firm by attaching to this page a duly signed and dated copy of the relevant resolution of their members or their board of directors, as the case may be.

  • In the event of a complete closure of a terminal or other place of business where separate seniority is maintained and where the work is moved to another terminal or terminals under the jurisdiction of the Signatories to this Agreement, the Company will give the Union sixty (60) days written notice of such closure.

  • Key Holders: David Spencer, Jane Young & Judy D’Arcy-IrvineCheque Signatories: Hannah Tucker, Judy D’Arcy-Irvine & David Spencer.

  • List of Signatories to the ACT Code of Conduct, act-code-of-conduct/.

  • Signatories must ensure that practices under this code respond effectively to the distinct wellbeing and safety needs of their diverse international tertiary learners.

More Definitions of Signatories

Signatories means those companies or industry participants who sign this Voluntary Agreement, which shall include (but not be limited to) Equipment Manufacturers, Software Providers, Conditional Access Providers, Component Manufacturers and Service Providers.
Signatories means the Partners and HEABC.
Signatories means the State of Ohio, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the City of Cincinnati.
Signatories means the Public Entities that are Contracting Parties to the Agreement and have agreed to by bound by the terms of these Bylaws.
Signatories the Minister, RECYC-QUÉBEC, the Quebec Soft Drink Bottlers Association (AEBGQ) and B.G.E., collectively;