STAFF MEMBERS Sample Clauses

STAFF MEMBERS. 3.1. By agreement between the Participating Bodies (as set out more fully at paragraph 4 below), a Staff Member of a Sending Body may be provided on a temporary basis to work for the Host Practice, whether at the Host Practice’s premises, the premises of another Participating Body or at such other facility as may have been created or re-purposed to support the Vaccination Programme.
STAFF MEMBERS. 1. All staff members of the Department covered by this Agreement shall be credited, for sick leave purposes, ten (10) hours per month, or one hundred-twenty (120) working hours per year. Xxxx leave credits may be accumulated from year to year, if unused, without limit.
STAFF MEMBERS volunteers shall use the district’s wireless guest network. Use of 3G & 4G wireless connections are not allowed when using personal devices with students.
STAFF MEMBERS. As staff at Dalmain School, we agree to:
STAFF MEMBERS. Staff members of the Commission:
STAFF MEMBERS. The following agreement applies only to full-time, professional Coordinators living in apartments within the residence halls. Hall Directors and Resident Assistants are not permitted to have pets on campus. These guidelines serve only as a reference point and should not be viewed as absolute. Any staff member considering the acquisition of a pet is expected to discuss this matter with the Assistant Director of Residence Life or his/her designee in advance of ownership. The Assistant Director of Residence Life has final approval for both the acquisition of and selection of a particular type of pet. Any incoming Coordinator must discuss the type of pet being brought to campus to insure that it meets policy guidelines. Pet ownership is decided on a case by case basis. NUMBER OF PETS Coordinators will be permitted to own, and have live in their apartment, fish in an aquarium. In addition, there is a limit of two (2) caged pets OR one (1) cat OR one (1) dog.