Signature definition

Signature means a tangible symbol or an electronic signature that evidences the signing of a record.
Signature means either signed on paper, whether the original or an electronic copy of the signed paper is sent to the Contractor; and
Signature means any “Written” mark, word or symbol that is made or adopted by a Person with the intent to be bound and that is attached to or logically associated with a “Written” document to which the Person intends to be bound.

Examples of Signature in a sentence

  • Dated: */ Signature Guaranteed: */ */ NOTICE: The signature to this assignment must correspond with the name of the registered owner as it appears on the face of the within Note in every particular, without alteration, enlargement or any change whatsoever.

  • Signature: OPTIONAL Though the data below is not required by law, it may prove valuable to persons relying on the document and could prevent fraudulent reattachment of this form.

  • Dated: Name: Please Print Address: (Insert Social Security or Other Identifying Number of Holder) Signature Guaranteed: Signature (Signature must conform in all respects to name of holder as specified on the face of this Warrant Certificate and must bear a signature guarantee by a FINRA member firm).

  • Both County and Contractor wish to permit this Agreement and future documents relating to this Agreement to be digitally signed in accordance with California law and County’s Electronic Signature Administrative Memo.

  • Signature of director/company secretary* *delete whichever is not applicable ...............................................................

More Definitions of Signature

Signature means the affixing of a person's name in a distinctive way as a form of identification or authorization, including in an electronic or digital form as approved by FCIC.
Signature or "Signed" or "Executed" means an original signature, facsimile, or an
Signature means any written or electronic means of entering the name, date of authentication, and credentials of the individual providing a specific service or the individual authorizing services and supports. Signature also means any written or electronic means of entering the name and date of authentication of the individual, guardian, or any authorized representative of the individual receiving services.
Signature or “signed” means the discrete, verifiable symbol of an individual that, when affixed to a writing with the knowledge and consent of the individual, indicates a present intention to authenticate the writing. This includes electronic symbols.
Signature means a tangible symbol or an electronic
Signature means a tangible symbol or an electronic signature that
Signature means either a hand written or electronic signature.