THE STUDENT Sample Clauses

THE STUDENT. Students are representatives of the University of Guelph and must conduct themselves accordingly in a professional manner. The responsibilities of the student include:
THE STUDENT. The effective Counselor assesses and understands the diverse academic, career, and personal/social development of individuals throughout the life span and the stages of human development. The Counselor can identify skills and techniques to address these needs. The effective Counselor can also assess the environment of the student including cultural diversity and family dynamics, and how these variables impact counseling strategies. The Counselor collaborates with colleagues and stakeholders to deliver developmentally appropriate practice.
THE STUDENT. Please review the following points, and click each box to acknowledge that it was discussed. The Student will:  Familiarize themselves with the policies, procedures, regulations and deadlines established by the University of Saskatchewan, the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and their respective unit.  Seek the advice of the Supervisor(s) regarding required course work including appropriate electives, research, thesis proposal, thesis writing, suitable resources, and workspace.  Demonstrate appropriate professional judgment, collegial behavior, academic rigor and integrity at all times and in every facet of the graduate program.  Dedicate time to the graduate program to make timely and effective progress towards degree completion.  Maintain contact with the Supervisor(s) and provide any changes in contact information.  Be encouraged to inform the supervisor when factors outside of the program may impact productivity Consult with the Supervisor(s) regarding graduate program examiners and assessors. The following are optional points to be discussed. If relevant, please review the following points, and click the box to acknowledge that it was discussed.  Keep laboratory, research, and computer areas tidy, and respect the space and property of others.  Strive to work effectively as a member of a team. ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________  Any other mutually agreed upon responsibilities:
THE STUDENT. I will • Follow the Code of Conduct & School Policies • Follow the instructions from staff • Respect others, be polite and co-operative • Take responsibility • Care for the school environmentAttend school every day and be punctualWear the correct school uniform • Not disturb others’ learning • Bring the correct books and equipment to lessons • Not use offensive language • Maintain high standards of behaviour on the way to and from schoolAccept support for my work • Support other people to learn • Get involved in the life of the school • Not bring small items of high value into school as their security cannot be guaranteed. (Phones should be switched off at all times or they will be confiscated) • Use technology and social media responsibly and safely, so that it does not impact negatively on learning or school life • Show myself and the school in a positive light whilst participating in school-led activities, both on and off school site, especially when in uniformRaise any concerns/worries with staff as soon as they arise so that they can be resolved quicklyAdopt a zero tolerance to bullying, other antisocial or risky behavioursEngage in every lesson and take responsibility for my own performance and progress • Complete my home learning activities on time and to the expected standard THE PARENT/S OR CARER/S I/We will: • Support the School’s Code of Conduct & Policies • Ensure that my son/daughter attends school every day and on time • Promptly explain all absences from school • Ensure that my son/daughter wears the correct uniform and equipmentHelp my son/daughter to work to the best of their ability • Encourage reading for pleasure • Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect my son/daughter’s work or behaviour • Encourage my son/daughter to be involved in all aspects of school life such as extra-curricular activities and duty weeks • Encourage respectful behaviour • Ensure that my son/daughter does not bring small items of high value into school • Ensure my child is aware of their responsibility for the safety of themselves and others whilst at schoolMonitor their use of technology and social media so that they and others are safe and are able to learn and be happy at school • Track and monitor the completion of home learning activities to ensure they are completed on time and to the expected standard • Promote British values • Attend ParentsConsultations and any other relevant meetings • Ensure they are r...
THE STUDENT. I shall try to:-  Work hard in lessons and do my best to meet Prince Xxxxx’x Standards for Learning (ASPIRE). (A copy of the ASPIRE standards is attached.)  Complete my homeworks to the best of my ability.  Have a positive attitude and maintain high expectations for myself.  Abide by the school rules.
THE STUDENT. As a student, I will do my best to: Learn and achieve to the best of my ability at all times. Show respect for others both in and out of school. Attend school every day and arrive on time. Adopt a positive attitude towards, and participate fully in, the life of the school. Come to school with all the equipment I need every day. Follow the school’s Code of Conduct. Wear the correct school uniform and be tidy in appearance. Co-operate with teachers and support staff without questioning. Record and complete all my home learning on time. Catch up on missed work due to absence. Respect the school environment and the local community. Keep my planner up to date and make sure that books are properly used and looked after. Be responsible for taking communications to and from school and home when necessary. Signed (Student)