Phone Number Sample Clauses

Phone Number. Please provide a daytime phone number where you may be reached during business hours in case there are any challenges setting up this service or delivering a future payment to you.
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Phone Number. Phone number of business being listed.
Phone Number. The CONTRACTOR/GRANTEE must include his/her business phone number along with the documents requesting payment to expedite processing should questions arise.
Phone Number followed by the area code and phone number where the contact person may be reached
Phone Number. +27 (011) 854 7101
Phone Number. 603) 485-4276 Ext. 112
Phone Number. All phone and fax numbers of Seller used in connection with the Business, including the number 866-645-6261. For a period of two years after Closing, Buyer shall refer to Seller, by giving the caller a new phone number supplied by Seller, all calls requesting diesel fuel sales or service received through one of Seller’s former phone numbers. After two years, Buyer may continue to refer such calls for diesel, and shall receive the fees specified in Section 5.5 of this Agreement for such referrals.
Phone Number. By providing a phone number to a Company or Authorized User’s smartphone, the Company and such Authorized User are expressly consenting to receiving communications at that number from us or our third party providers as permitted by law. Such communications may include, but are not limited to, text messages, prerecorded or artificial voice message calls and/or calls made by an automatic telephone dialing system.
Phone Number. City holds and at all times shall retain the sole and exclusive rights to the public telephone number for Dial-A-Ride Services (currently 818/707-2005), as well as any successor or public telephone number, internet domain name and/or address that may be established in the future for Dial-A-Ride Services (collectively "the Contact Numbers"). City hereby grants to CONTRACTOR a non- exclusive license to use the Contact Numbers to assist CONTRACTOR in providing the services set-forth in this Agreement, which license shall be automatically revoked with no further action required by City as of the termination date or expiration date of this Agreement. Following the termination or expiration of this Agreement, CONTRACTOR shall, within three (3) working days, discontinue any use of the Contact Numbers.
Phone Number. Company shall make available a toll-free customer service telephone number for Plan claimants.Standard Reports Access to Online Reports. Company shall provide to Contractholder access to certain reports, which Contractholder may access online at any time by utilizing a unique registration key, user identification and password as provided by Company to Contractholder. These standard reports shall identify the following:  ATP Approved Claims ATP Terminated Claims ATP Pending Claims Monthly Summary of ATP Approved/Terminated/Pending Claims Note: The above reports will not contain any information regarding claim amounts or payments.Rather the reports will show only disability determination and duration of disability.EXHIBIT 2 COMPENSATION AND PAYMENTS1. Administration Fee. Contractholder shall pay Company by the end of the month following receipt of Company’s monthly billing statement a monthly administration fee equal to $3.02 for each Participant covered under the Plan for that month. 2. Other Fees and Payments. Contractholder shall pay Company pursuant to the instructions on the billing statement, as follows: