Other Services definition

Other Services means the provision to the Fund, by or at the expense of the Manager, of the following:
Other Services means all technical and non-technical services performed or delivered by Menusifu, including, without limitation, implementation services and other professional services, training and education services but excluding SaaS Services and Maintenance Services. Other Services will be provided on a time and material basis at such times or during such periods, as may be specified in your Order Form(s) and mutually agreed to by the parties.
Other Services means Hospital Outpatient Department Services rendered on or after September 1, 2014, but before December 15, 2016, to hospital outpatients and payable under the CMS hospital outpatient prospective payment system that are not: 1. Surgical procedures; 2. Emergency room visits; 3. Facility Only Services; or 4. An integral part of the surgical procedure, emergency room visit or Facility Only Service.

Examples of Other Services in a sentence

  • Other Services are services that do not fall within the definitions of the preceding 28 services.

  • Each Licensee that is a Business Establishment Service shall pay a minimum fee of $10,000 for each calendar year in which it makes Ephemeral Recordings for use to facili- tate transmissions under the limita- tion on exclusive rights specified by 17U.S.C. 114(d)(1)(C)(iv), whether or not it does so for all or any part of the year.(2) Other Services.

  • The cost of this, at £53,300, for which Portfolio Holder approval was received, is a charge against the AII Other Services block capital resources.

  • If Members decide to develop the scheme the estimated cost of £300,000 - £500,000 would be the first call on available capital resources within the All Other Services block.

  • TAF Other Services File: ResDAC Data Dictionary.” Accessed April 8, 2021.

More Definitions of Other Services

Other Services for the purposes of this rule means:
Other Services means any wire or radio communications service provided using any of the facilities of a Cable Operator that are used in the provision of Cable Service.
Other Services means services that (i) are not Services, (ii) are provided to Producer, any of its Affiliates or to any Third Party, and (iii) pertain to the production of oil, other hydrocarbons, Produced Water, and waste products from the production of hydrocarbons.
Other Services means all technical and non-technical professional services identified in an Order and performed or delivered by SailPoint under this SaaS Agreement, consisting solely of implementation services, implementation support, best practices consultations, integration efforts, and training and education services, in each case which are provided on a non-work for hire basis and documented in statements of work mutually agreed to by the parties. For purposes of clarity, Other Services does not include the SaaS Services or the SaaS Support (as defined herein).
Other Services means those services which may be provided to preschool children with disabilities and to their families that are not early childhood special education or early intervention services and are not paid for with early childhood special education or early intervention funds.
Other Services. HealthCheck “Other Services” is Wisconsin’s term for the federal mandate (under EPSDT) that requires that states cover “other necessary health care, diagnostic services, treatment, and other measures” which a child (under age 21) may require to treat, correct or reduce illnesses and conditions regardless of whether the necessary service is covered in a state’s Medicaid plan. The needed service must be allowable under federal Medicaid law (§1905(a) of the Social Security Act), and coverage is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Other Services means all services not being services for the carriage of