Online Services definition

Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.
Online Services means any of the Microsoft-hosted online services subscribed to by Customer under this agreement, including Microsoft Dynamics Online Services, Office 365 Services, Microsoft Azure Services, or Microsoft Intune Online Services.
Online Services means the services that can be accessed via a web browser or through the online functionality available on our Website.

Examples of Online Services in a sentence

These can be viewed on the Planning and Building Online Services.

Background: Council subscribed in the 2008-2009 for a number of services, which included; Annual Membership Subscription Tax Service Information and Communication Technology – Webhosting and Online Services The Complete Guide to the Local Government Act –Update Service Local Laws Roman Pavement System Licence Fees Council no longer requires the membership to the Information and Communication Technology – Webhosting and Online Services as the new website was constructed using a local provider.

The INGO Online Services main window has a complex preview as it is shown in Figure 4.

Lucie joined the Libraries in early November 2014 from her previous role as Head of Online Services at the British Library, and is responsible for the leadership of the Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS) team.

Further guidance is available in the area of personal registration via CESG Good Practice Guide No. 45 (GPG 45), Validating and Verifying the Identity of an Individual in Support of HMG Online Services (reference [c]).

More Definitions of Online Services

Online Services means the Microsoft-hosted services identified as Online Services in the Product Terms.
Online Services means the Microsoft-hosted services identified in the Online Services section of the Product List.
Online Services means any online, web-based services and associated offline components made available by Us (or one or more of Our Affiliates) to You under a separate agreement.
Online Services means the internet based electronic facility(ies) that CGS-CIMB makes, will make or has made available from time to time to the Client that will enable the Client to effect the Transactions and obtain market information and data, news, quotations, research information and analysis, alerts and any other information or publication in respect of the Transactions;