Homemaker services definition

Homemaker services means the professionally directed or supervised simple household maintenance or management services provided by trained homemakers or individuals to families in their own homes.
Homemaker services means services consisting of general household activities, including meal preparation and routine household care.
Homemaker services means performance of household chores for an individual, primarily in her/his place of residence. Household chores may include but are not necessarily limited to housekeeping, meal preparation and shopping.

Examples of Homemaker services in a sentence

  • Homemaker Services — General household activities such as meal preparation and routine household care provided by a trained homemaker when the individual regularly responsible for these activities is temporarily absent or unable to manage these activities.

  • Medicaid services provided to members receiving Medicare hospice services that are duplicative of Medicare hospice benefits (i.e. Home Health Aide, Personal Care and Homemaker Services) will not be covered.

More Definitions of Homemaker services

Homemaker services means support consisting of general household activities such as meal preparation and routine household care provided by a trained homemaker. The services are provided when the person regularly responsible for these activities as well as caring for an individual in the home is temporarily absent, temporarily unable to manage the home as well as care for self or the individual in the home, or needs to devote additional time to caring for the individual.
Homemaker services means housekeeping services performed in the home for the sick, disabled, dependent, or infirm by a trained non- professional worker who is supervised in accordance with the requirements of § 17.5.3(J)(2) of this Part.
Homemaker services means the home- and community-
Homemaker services means nonmedical, supportive services that ensure a safe and healthy environment for a person in such person's home, such services to include assistance with personal hygiene, cooking, household cleaning, laundry and other household chores.