In combination definition

In combination means in combination with one or more other races. The sum of the five race groups adds to more than the total population because individuals may report more than one race.
In combination means, with respect to any Galapagos Molecule or Optioned Molecule and any other active pharmaceutical ingredient(s), that such Galapagos Molecule or Optioned Molecule and other active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) are included in a product that is sold either as a fixed dose combination or with separate doses in a single package.
In combination means, with respect to (a) any Gilead Molecule, Optioned Molecule, Arcus Molecule or Excluded Arcus Molecule and (b) any other active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) or finished pharmaceutical product(s) (including any other Gilead Molecule(s), Optioned Molecule(s), Arcus Molecule(s) or Excluded Arcus Molecule(s)), that such components ((a) and (b)) are (i) included in a Combination Product or Combination Therapy that is under Development, anticipated to be sold or sold.

Examples of In combination in a sentence

  • In combination, these documents will help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with our recommendations.

  • In combination with Verance watermark detection functions in Blu-ray players, the playing of counterfeit Blu-rays produced using illegal audio and video recording in cinemas is prevented.

  • In combination with other previous modifications or additions to the building, does not equal or exceed 50% of the present equalized assessed value of the building.

  • In combination with these two constraints, a third factor limits the application of the first sale doctrine to digital works: technical protection measures and the DMCA.

  • In combination, these documents will assist you in making an informed decision about whether to proceed with our recommendations.

  • In combination, these undisputed facts show that protecting true growers was not the purpose of the organization.

  • In combination with moderate ecological effects, the level of effect is assessed as low.

  • In combination, the documents referenced in paragraph D above shall provide for the following.

  • In combination with the RF and Modulation Report, Reference [2], this document describes the physical transport system used to carry data to and from spacecraft and earth stations.

  • In combination, the scheduled structural increase and the supplemental structural increase to base pay will yield a maximum regular hourly pay rate that equals the average of the comparator airlines.

Related to In combination

  • UNE Combination means a combination of two (2) or more Unbundled Network Elements that were or were not previously combined or connected in CenturyLink's network, as required by the FCC, the Commission or this Agreement.

  • Business Combination means any merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or other similar business combination with one or more businesses, involving the Company.

  • Combination means an event in which the Company consolidates with, mergers with or into, or sells all or substantially all of its assets to another Person, where “Person” means any individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization, government or any agency or political subdivision thereof or any other entity; (ii) In the event of (x) a Combination where consideration to the holders of Common Stock in exchange for their shares is payable solely in cash or (y) the dissolution, liquidation or winding-up of the Company, the Holders shall be entitled to receive, upon surrender of their Warrant, distributions on an equal basis with the holders of Common Stock or other securities issuable upon exercise of the Warrant, as if the Warrant had been exercised immediately prior to such event, less the Exercise Price. In case of any Combination described in this Section 4, the surviving or acquiring Person and, in the event of any dissolution, liquidation or winding-up of the Company, the Company, shall deposit promptly with an agent or trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the funds, if any, necessary to pay to the Holders the amounts to which they are entitled as described above. After such funds and the surrendered Warrant are received, the Company is required to deliver a check in such amount as is appropriate (or, in the case or consideration other than cash, such other consideration as is appropriate) to such Person or Persons as it may be directed in writing by the Holders surrendering such Warrant.

  • Recapitalization means any stock dividend, stock split, combination of shares, reorganization, recapitalization, reclassification or other similar event.

  • Business Combination Date means the date upon which a Business Combination is consummated.

  • Business Combination Agreement shall have the meaning given in the Recitals hereto.

  • Initial Business Combination means the acquisition by the Company, whether through a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization, recapitalization or similar type of transaction, of one or more business or entities (“Target Business” or “Target Businesses”), whose collective fair market value is equal to at least 80% of the balance in the Trust Account and resulting in ownership by the Company or the holders of IPO Shares of at least 51% of the voting equity interests of the Target Business or Businesses or all or substantially all of the assets of the Target Business or Businesses;

  • Reorganization Securities means (a) debt securities that are issued pursuant to an Insolvency Proceeding the payment of which is subordinate and junior at least to the extent provided in this Annex II to the payment of the Senior Indebtedness outstanding at the time of the issuance thereof (including any refinancing of Senior Indebtedness pursuant to an Insolvency Proceeding) and to the payment of all debt securities issued in exchange for such Senior Indebtedness in such Insolvency Proceeding (whether such subordination is effected by the terms of such securities, an order or decree issued in such Insolvency Proceeding, by agreement of the Term Lenders or otherwise), or (b) equity securities that are issued pursuant to an Insolvency Proceeding; provided, in either case, that such securities are authorized by an order or decree made by a court of competent jurisdiction in such Insolvency Proceeding.

  • Combination Agreement means that certain Combination Agreement and Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of January 29, 2007 among the Parent, Abitibi-Consolidated Inc., the Original U.S. Borrower, Alpha-Bravo Merger Sub Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Bowater Canada, Inc., as the same may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time.

  • Business Combination Proposal means any offer, inquiry, proposal or indication of interest (whether written or oral, binding or non-binding, and other than an offer, inquiry, proposal or indication of interest with respect to the transactions contemplated hereby), relating to a Business Combination.

  • Reconstitution Any Securitization Transaction or Whole Loan Transfer.

  • Recapitalization Event means any event of share combination or subdivision, distribution of bonus shares or any other similar reclassification, reorganization or recapitalization of the Company’s share where the shareholders retain their proportionate holdings in the Company.

  • Recapitalization Agreement means that certain Recapitalization -------------------------- Agreement, dated as of June 1, 1998 and amended as of July 22, 1998, by and among Holdings, the purchasers listed on the Schedule of Purchasers and the current owners listed on the Schedule of Current Owners attached thereto.

  • Merger has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Takeover means if any person (or a group of persons acting in concert) (the “Acquiring Person”):

  • Public Offering means an underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act, other than pursuant to a registration statement on Form S-4 or Form S-8 or any similar or successor form.

  • Whole Loan A performing commercial real estate whole loan made to the related Underlying Obligor and secured primarily by a perfected, first priority Lien in the related underlying Mortgaged Property, including, without limitation (A) with respect to any Senior Interest or Junior Interest, the Whole Loan in which Seller owns a Senior Interest or a Junior Interest, and (B) with respect to any Mezzanine Loan, the Whole Loan made to the Mortgagor or Affiliate of such Mortgagor whose Equity Interests, directly or indirectly, secure such Mezzanine Loan.

  • Consolidation means the consolidation of the accounts of each of the Restricted Subsidiaries with those of the Company in accordance with GAAP; provided that “Consolidation” will not include consolidation of the accounts of any Unrestricted Subsidiary, but the interest of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary in any Unrestricted Subsidiary will be accounted for as an investment. The term “Consolidated” has a correlative meaning.

  • Liquidation means the distributions of the Trust Account to the Public Shareholders in connection with the redemption of Ordinary Shares held by the Public Shareholders pursuant to the terms of the Company’s Amended and Restated Memorandum and Articles of Association, as amended, if the Company fails to consummate a Business Combination.

  • Hostile Acquisition means (a) the acquisition of the Equity Interests of a Person through a tender offer or similar solicitation of the owners of such Equity Interests which has not been approved (prior to such acquisition) by the board of directors (or any other applicable governing body) of such Person or by similar action if such Person is not a corporation and (b) any such acquisition as to which such approval has been withdrawn.