Hosting Services definition

Hosting Services means: (i) Rackspace’s provision for your use of the Hosted System described in the Services Description, and (ii) Support.
Hosting Services means Rackspace’s provision for your use of the Hosted System described in the Services Description.
Hosting Services means any of the UIQ Management Services, the Field Network Services, the Data Center Services, and the *** Services to be provided by SSN pursuant to this Schedule, as described in Section 1.1(e).

Examples of Hosting Services in a sentence

Xaurum is entitled at all times to contract a new provider for the provision of Hosting Services with regard to the Product, provided that this provider is prepared to enter into an Agreement Continuation Hosting Services.

In the event that a disaster occurs and SAS Provider fails to restore the Hosting Services within 24 hours of the initial disruption to Services, CUSTOMER may, in its discretion, deem such actions to be a material default by SAS Provider incapable of cure, and CUSTOMER may immediately terminate this Agreement or any SOW related to the disrupted Services upon written notice to SAS Provider.

For purposes of the declaration referred to above, Xaurum will formally request its provider of Hosting Services to sign the Agreement Continuation Hosting Services.

Escrow4all has received a written notification from the provider of Hosting Services in respect of the Product that the provider of Hosting Services is entitled to dissolve or otherwise terminate the agreement it concluded with Xaurum due to a circumstance that is attributable to Xaurum.

Contractor shall provide Maintenance/Support in accordance with Appendix B (SaaS Application & Hosting Services).

More Definitions of Hosting Services

Hosting Services means the Standard Hosting Services and any Optional Hosting Services included in the Hosted Solution.
Hosting Services means the delivery of software applications to customers via a dedicated or remote access facility and services related thereto, including the creation, maintenance and support of Virtual Private Networks and Virtual Private Dial-Up Networks.
Hosting Services means the hosting of the Customer’s PowerSchool Product(s) and Third Party Software by PowerSchool or its hosting providers from a server farm that is comprised of application, data and remote access servers used to store and run the PowerSchool Product(s) and Third Party Software, including associated offline components, as further detailed in Exhibit C (Hosting Services Policy).
Hosting Services means the services related to the Hosted Software described in this Hosting Services Addendum.
Hosting Services means the hosting services Tyler will provide for the New World Public Safety Components for the fees set forth in the Investment Summary. Terms and Conditions for the Hosting Services are set forth in this exhibit.
Hosting Services means the services to be provided by Contractor pursuant to this Schedule and the Agreement.
Hosting Services means (i) AdvancedMD’s provision of access to and use of the Hosted Programs or the Third Party Services by Client, and (ii) and the storage, retrieval and processing of Client Data in connection with the use of the Hosted Programs and the Third Party Services.