Hospice services definition

Hospice services means symptom and pain management to a terminally ill individual, and emotional, spiritual and bereavement services for the individual and their family in a place of temporary or permanent residence, and may include the provision of home health and home care services for the terminally ill individual.
Hospice services means items and services provided to a patient-family unit by a hospice program or by other individuals or community agencies under a consulting or contractual arrangement with a hospice pro- gram. Hospice services include acute, respite, home care and bereavement services pro- vided to meet the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and other special needs of a patient-family unit during the final stages of illness, dying and the bereavement period.

Examples of Hospice services in a sentence

  • Covered Services to be provided by the Hospice Provider include Home Hospice and/or Inpatient Hospice services that have been Referred by your Primary Care Physician and Preapproved by the HMO.

  • To make its decision, the Program compared the projected amount of Medicare/Medicaid Hospice services that will be needed in Spokane County in the future to the amount that are presently being provided.

  • Medicare covers Hospice services for a Subscriber with a Terminal Illness, when provided by a Medicare certified Hospice.

  • Hospice services other than those provided by the elected hospice provider or its contractors.(c) The recipient or recipient’s representative may designate an effective date for the election that begins with the first day of hospice care or any other subsequent day of hospice care.

  • Hospice services provided for Snohomish County residents include physician and clinical services, nursing care, symptom control and pain relief management, respite care, home health aide and homemaker services, physical, speech and occupational therapy, social worker services, dietary counseling, grief and loss counseling.

More Definitions of Hospice services

Hospice services means the provision of palliative and supportive medical and other health services to meet the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and special needs of patients and their families, which are experienced during the final stages of terminal illness and during dying and bereavement.
Hospice services means hospice services that are covered by the Employees Health Insurance Plan.
Hospice services means palliative and supportive medical, health, and other care provided to hospice patients and their families to meet the special needs arising out of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social stresses experienced during the final stages of illness and during dying and bereavement so that when and where possible the hospice patient may remain at home, with homelike inpatient care utilized only if and while it is necessary.
Hospice services means those services furnished to a patient by a hospice or by other persons, pursuant to arrangements with such hospice, in a place of temporary or permanent residence used as the home of the terminally ill patient for the purpose of maintaining the patient at home. Should a patient require short-term institutionalization, such hospice services shall be furnished in cooperation with those contracted institutions or in a hospice inpatient facility. Such services may include, but need not be limited to,bereavement, palliative, personal care and such other services as are provided by nurses, physicians, home health aides, physical therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers and volunteers. Services provided by a hospital, nursing home or other health care provider shall not constitute hospice services unless such hospital, nursing home or other health care provider is licensed as a hospice program;
Hospice services means a range of interdisciplinary palliative and supportive services