Broadband service definition

Broadband service means a retail service capable of transmitting data over an access line at a rate greater than 200 kilobits per second.
Broadband service means the Broadband service which the Customer requested from Company as specified in the Com- mercial Schedule; and
Broadband service means the offering of broadband for a fee directly to the public, or to such classes of users as to be effectively available directly to the public, regardless of the facilities used.

Examples of Broadband service in a sentence

JT Unlimited broadband – unlimited broadband at the same speed the Customer was subscribed to on JT One Ultra at the time of disconnection (Professional Broadband service will be provided if the Customer had upgraded to that service).

More Definitions of Broadband service

Broadband service means all DSL (including FTTC) services which are capable of supporting always-on services that provide the End-User with high data transfer speeds, excluding services provided over a Cable Network;
Broadband service means terrestrially‑deployed Internet access service with transmission speeds of at least twenty‑five megabits per second (Mbps) download and at least three megabit per second upload.
Broadband service means the service we provide to you enabling you to access the Internet.
Broadband service means the broadband service provided to the Applicant under the NEU PC Plus Programme. “Deed” means this Deed of Undertaking and Indemnity.
Broadband service means broadband infrastructure and any services provided over
Broadband service means Internet service with
Broadband service means a high speed Internet access service which provides connection to the internet with speeds ranging from 384kbps up to 8Mbps.