Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk Sample Clauses

Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. (a) A "weekend" shall be defined as at least sixty-three and one-half (63½) hours off, commencing at 1630 hours on Friday and ending at 0800 hours on Monday.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. The approved posted schedule shall provide a minimum of 16 hours off between scheduled tours, unless mutually agreed between the Nurse and the team.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. (a) An employee shall be granted five working days bereavement leave with pay upon the death of the employee’s spouse, child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, legal guardian, grandchild or step-grandchild.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. A Nurse’s scheduled tours on a posted work schedule shall not be changed by the Employer to other tours (e.g. days to evenings) or other areas of assignment without forty-eight (48) hours of notice without the Nurse’s consent. The Employer will not exercise this clause in an arbitrary manner. If the Employer changes a Nurse’s schedule with less than forty-eight (48) hours’ notice, time and one half of Nurse’s regular straight time hourly rate will be paid for all hours worked on the Nurse’s next shift.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. Compassionate leave without loss of salary up to a maximum of three (3) working days may be allowed at the discretion of the Executive Director or designate for critical illness in the Nurse’s immediate family. Chatham-Kent Compassionate leave without loss of salary up to a maximum of three (3) working days in any one calendar year may be allowed at the discretion of the Nursing Supervisor for critical illness in the Nurse's immediate family. Durham The following shall be granted: Following a death in the Nurse’s immediate family, they shall be granted up to three (3) days off plus two (2) days for travelling if required. A member of their immediate family shall mean brother, sister, spouse, child, mother, father, grandparent, grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, same sex partner, legal guardian, fiancée. The Nurse shall receive their regular pay (minimum of 4 hours pay) for each scheduled day of work missed to a maximum of three (3) days within the period which extends from the date of the death up to and including the day following interment, or three (3) calendar days following the death, whichever is greater. A Nurse shall be granted one (1) day bereavement leave without loss of pay to attend the funeral, or a memorial service (or equivalent), in the event of the death of their aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. A Nurse shall not be scheduled to work more than seven consecutive tours, unless mutually agreed between the Nurse and the team, up to a maximum of ten (10) tours, or sixty (60) hours in a week (7 days) whichever is less, to be followed by at least twenty-four (24) hours off. Chatham-Kent; North Bay; Perth-Huron; Peterborough, Victoria & Haliburton; Porcupine SiteHighway 11 and the City of Timmins; Sarnia- Lambton A Nurse shall not be scheduled by the Employer to work more than seven consecutive tours, unless mutually agreed between the Employee and the Employer. Durham Shall include no more than seven consecutive shifts unless mutually agreed to by the Nurse and the Employer. Thunder Bay A Nurse shall not be scheduled more than seven (7) days in a row. Toronto/York-Peel Nurses shall not be scheduled for more than seven (7) consecutive days. A Nurse shall receive premium payment for all hours worked on the eighth
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. (a) The scheduling of Nurses for weekend duty shall be on a rotational basis. Employees hired prior to the date of ratification, May 19 , 2015, and who are working one (1) in three (3) weekends, as per their pre-determined regularly scheduled rotation, shall be grand-parented until they cease to be employed by VON Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk Site. Nurses hired on or after the date of ratification, May 19, 2015, shall work alternate weekends.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. The full-time Nurse(s) assigned to a team will have first priority for RN work assignment within the team. Continuity of care for the patients shall be considered when determining patient assignments. The primary Nurse for a patient may be a full-time Nurse or a part-time Nurse. In all cases where there is work, which cannot be done by the full-time Nurse, the work shall be assigned to other Nurses in the following order:
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. (a) The normal hours of work for the evening tours have the majority of hours between 1500 hours to 2300 hours. If the caseload permits, the Nurse may flex their start and stop time.
Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk. Effective on confirmation by the Employment Insurance Commission of the appropriateness of the Employer’s Supplemental benefit (SUB) Plan, a Nurse who is on pregnancy leave, as provided under this Agreement, who has applied for and is in receipt of Employment Insurance Pregnancy Benefits pursuant to Section 22 of the Employment Insurance Act, 1997, as amended, shall be paid a Supplemental Employment Benefit. That benefit will be equivalent to the difference between eighty-four (84%) of their regular weekly earnings and the sum of their weekly Employment Insurance Benefits and any other earnings. Such payment shall commence following completion of the two-week Employment Insurance (E.I.) waiting period, and receipt by the Employer of the Nurse’s Employment Insurance cheque stub as proof that they are in receipt of the Employment Insurance Pregnancy Benefits and shall continue while the Nurse is in receipt of such benefits for a maximum period of fifteen (15) weeks. The Nurse’s regular weekly earnings shall be determined by multiplying their regular working hourly rate on their last day worked prior to the commencement of the leave times their normal weekly hours. The Employee does not have any vested right except to receive payments of the covered unemployment period. The plan provides that payments in respect of guaranteed annual remuneration or in respect of deferred remuneration or severance pay benefits are not reduced or increased by payments received under the plan.