Porcupine Site Sample Clauses

Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins Part-time Nurses shall be available on the following basis:
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins The Employer will endeavour to arrange the paid holidays to be divided equitably among the Nurses in the site. Thunder Bay When a Nurse is scheduled to work the weekend of a paid holiday, the Employer shall endeavour to schedule her/him to work the paid holiday and to provide a long weekend off at a mutually agreeable time, subject to caseload and scheduling requirements. The Employer will endeavour to equitably distribute paid holidays amongst the Nurses.
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins The Employer agrees to schedule part-time Nurses up to their committed hours by seniority. Where extra tours become available, they will first be offered on the basis of seniority to regular part-time Nurses; provided that no Nurse will exceed her/his commitment as a result of being offered such extra tours where there are regular part-time Nurses who have not been offered their commitment of shifts. Where no part-time Nurse is willing to perform the available work, extra tours will be offered to casual part-time Nurses on the basis of seniority and availability.
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins The posted work schedule shall provide a minimum of 16 hours off between scheduled tours. Thunder Bay Days off may be split providing she/he receives at least one (1) period of two (2) consecutive days off and a total of four (4) days off in a fourteen (14) day period. Toronto/York-Peel There shall be no less than eleven (11) hours off between shift changes or this will trigger premium pay at the rate of time and one-half (1.5) the regular rate.
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins A Nurse who is elected to a Provincial Committee of the Ontario NursesAssociation, shall be granted upon request such leave(s) of absence as she/he may require to fulfil the duties of her/his position. Reasonable notice, a minimum of two weeks, shall be given to the Employer for such leave of absence. There shall be no loss of seniority or service during such leave of absence. Leave of absence under this provision shall be in addition to the Union leave provided in 12.03 and shall not exceed twenty-five (25) days per calendar year. During such leave of absence, the Nurse's salary and applicable benefits shall be maintained by the Employer and the Union agrees to reimburse the Employer in the amount of the full cost of such salary and applicable benefits.
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins A Nurse's scheduled tours on a posted work schedule shall not be changed to other tours (e.g. days to evenings) without her/his consent. Where Nurses are scheduled permanent days or evenings, the Employer will not change the Nurse's schedule without her/his consent. Toronto/York-Peel Any changes to the posted schedule by the Employer will only be done in cases of emergency when a qualified employee is not available for work and any changes will be communicated to the Nurse and a response received by the Supervisor or designate.
Porcupine Site. Highway 11 and the City of Timmins When any type of evaluation, performance appraisal, progress report or assessment related to the job performance, nursing practice or other employment related matters is completed with respect to any Nurse, it is understood and agreed that such Nurse shall be given an opportunity to sign the document, indicate any area of disagreement and shall also be provided with a copy of the document. A copy of the completed performance appraisal will be provided to the Nurse upon request. It is understood that such performance appraisals do not constitute disciplinary action by the Employer against the Nurse. Upon written request, a Nurse may review her/his file in the presence of a supervisor or delegate and be provided with a copy of any document contained therein. Notwithstanding Article 13.02, upon review of the file, should the Nurse believe that any counselling letter is no longer applicable, she/he or he may request that such documentation be removed. Such request shall not be unreasonably denied. Thunder Bay