Same Sex Sample Clauses

Same Sex. The group benefits contained in the collective agreement shall apply to same sex spouses/partners in the same way that they apply to spouses. For this purpose, same sex spouse/partner shall mean a person with whom the employee is living in a conjugal relationship and has been so cohabiting continuously for a period of not less than one (1) year and who has been represented and recognized as the employee’s spouse/partner
Same Sex. For the purposes of this Article, coverage shall include spouses of the same sex.
Same Sex. An employee who cohabits with a person of the same sex, and who promotes such person as a "spouse" (partner), who has done so for a period of not less than (2) years, will be eligible to have that person covered as a spouse for purposes of Medical Services, Extended Health and Dental benefits and leaves relatedto family matters. This coverage includesdependents of the employee's same sex spouse.

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