Durham Sample Clauses

Durham. When a Nurse is scheduled to work a weekend, which precedes a designated holiday set out in Article 16.01, she shall be expected to work the holiday unless mutually agreed otherwise between the Employer and the Nurse. Where possible, when a Nurse is not scheduled to work the weekend which precedes a designated holiday which falls on a Monday as set out in Article 16.01, she will not be scheduled to work the paid holiday. The Employer will endeavour to divide the designated holidays to be worked equally amongst the Nurses. Perth-Huron Where possible a Nurse shall not be required to work any of the designated foregoing holidays, unless the holiday falls within or is adjacent to a weekend on which the Nurse is scheduled to work. Holidays will be self-scheduled on an equitable basis.
Durham. The Employer recognizes the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all Registered and Graduate Nurses employed in a nursing capacity by the Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada – Ontario Branch, - Durham Site, in the Regional Municipality of Durham, save and except supervisors and persons above the rank of supervisor.
Durham. In order to qualify for pay for a holiday, a full-time Nurse shall complete their full scheduled shift on each of the working days immediately preceding and following the holiday unless excused by the Employer.
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Durham. Trent University Durham has a separate budget and a separate administrative structure. Chairs of departments and programs in Peterborough are responsible for job postings, searches, and hiring decisions in Durham, but these activities are managed by the Dean of Durham (as opposed to the Dean of Arts and Sciences Office). All relationships and activities in Durham are managed by the Dean of Durham. For staff and faculty reporting directly to the Dean of Durham, this also includes peer-review processes, disciplinary matters, and other functions established on a departmental or University-wide basis by the Collective Agreement. Trent University Durham was previously known as Trent Oshawa.
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