Workforce Development Sample Clauses

Workforce Development. MPC’s technical training program is having a major impact in the region. Online modules, short courses, webinars, and on site/videoconferencing events are reaching state and local transportation department employees and tribal transportation planners. By harnessing the capabilities of the four LTAP centers located at the MPC universities and the multimedia capabilities of the Transportation Learning Network (which was founded and is partly funded by MPC) more than 30 technical training events were offered in the first half of 2105. These training modules and short courses are critical to transportation agencies that need to improve or renew the skills of engineering technicians and other frontline workers. Many MPC courses or training events result in the certification of workers. Even when certification is not required, TLN’s online learning management systems allow employees and employers to set learning goals and monitor progress towards these goals. MPC is making another major impact in workforce development. Altogether, 102 graduate students are working on MPC research projects under the tutelage of faculty researchers. These graduate students represent the researchers and technical analysts of tomorrow. Without the MPC program and the stipend funds that it provides, these students may not be specializing in transportation; but, instead would be seeking career opportunities in other fields. The MPC research program allows faculty to mentor graduate students while allowing the students to work on projects for federal and state transportation agencies—thereby, gaining valuable practical experience.
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Workforce Development. EE Developers in the Program will need to report data and information regarding workforce and Women and Minority Owned Businesses (WMBE) utilization as specified in the Program Manual.
Workforce Development. The BOARD will provide the AGENCY with the name of the Director of Brevard Workforce.
Workforce Development. The Parties acknowledge that in connection with Xxxxx’s energy procurement efforts, including entering into this Agreement, Xxxxx is committed to creating community benefits, which includes engaging a skilled and trained workforce and targeted hires. Accordingly, prior to the Guaranteed Construction Start Date, Seller shall ensure that work performed in connection with construction of the Facility will be conducted using a project labor agreement, community workforce agreement, work site agreement, collective bargaining agreement, or similar agreement providing for terms and conditions of employment with applicable labor organizations, and shall remain compliant with such agreement in accordance with the terms thereof.
Workforce Development. In determining the salary class placement of a teacher in the workforce development area and not holding a bachelor’s degree upon first employment, four (4) years work experience will be accepted as bachelor’s degree level and placed on the salary index as a regular teacher provided the State Department of Education will issue a teaching certificate or license in that respective career technical area. Each two (2) years beyond the four (4) will count as a year of teaching experience when determining the placement on the salary schedule when initially hired. No work experience of any kind shall be accepted in lieu of college training unless such work experience shall have been in or directly related to the specific vocational field in which the member is to teach. In crediting college training and work experience combined, the college training shall be credited first. The State Department of Education must verify years of work experience. The following three paragraphs provide further clarification of the above paragraph:
Workforce Development. City shall impose on Partners and monitor the local hire goals set forth in the Workforce Development Plan.
Workforce Development. Section 8.1 - Independent Provider Participation in Voluntary Training Until such time as the parties are able to obtain from the State the mechanism for the payment of wages, the following provision will be in effect. Once the mechanism for payment of such wages is in place, the provisions of this section of the MOA will expire. The Public Authority shall seek and give full consideration to the Union’s input for the purposes of developing and implementing training programs for Independent Providers. Training material and the curriculum will be developed in conjunction with the Public Authority Advisory Committee, giving full consideration to the Union’s input. The Public Authority will mail a schedule of trainings and descriptive flyers for each of the trainings to the Independent Providers and will invite Independent Providers to training sessions. Training will be voluntary and without pay and will be at no cost to Independent Providers. The Public Authority will provide a minimum of eight (8) training sessions annually. Training programs shall include the following two mandated courses:
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Workforce Development. County commits to a Meet and Confer process to begin early in 2016 to discuss HSR onboarding.
Workforce Development. A. The parties to this Agreement recognize the mutual interest in increasing training and career opportunities for Program Hires. The parties are committed to (i) increasing opportunities for Program Hires in these zip codes in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, and (ii) using the work opportunities provided by this Agreement to increase the career opportunities for qualified Program Hires, and (iii) to assure the continued availability of a skilled and qualified, readily available construction workforce for this program and future work. The parties agree to the Workforce Development Program set forth in Exhibit “D”.
Workforce Development. Our Social Care Workforce Development Plan will continue to be the means by which we ensure a high quality social care workforce. • It will be a contractual requirement that care home providers comply with all specified training. • We will develop training in leadership and management for care home managers. • We will work with providers to develop new collaborative approaches to recruitment especially with regard to registered nurses. • We will collaborate with providers to raise the profile of careers in care homes and to develop the labour market.
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