CITY SHALL Sample Clauses

CITY SHALL. A. Provide funding for services outlined in this contract, in an amount not to exceed Thirty Thousand and No/100 dollars ($30,000).
CITY SHALL. 1. Review service levels contained within COUNTY’s preliminary annual Work Plan, and 18 make adjustments by October 1, based upon CITY’s budget and desired service levels and consistent 19 with available COUNTY resources and contract capability.
CITY SHALL. A. Pay the sum of TEN DOLLARS ($10) per square foot for the Property, which is estimated to be ONE HUNDRED, SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS ($172.670.00) (the “Acquisition Amount”) for the Property into an escrow account designated by City for the account of the Seller and conditioned upon the Property vesting in City free and clear of all liens, leases, encumbrances, assessments and taxes. The entire Acquisition Amount shall be paid at Close of Escrow.
CITY SHALL. A. Allow the use of 7500 square feet of the vacant portion of the state building for the purpose of a curatorial lab and collections storage facility.
CITY SHALL. 1. Assign a Program Manager for City’s work under this Agreement who will serve as City’s Program contact.
CITY SHALL. 14 1. CITY shall pay all electric charges required for the operation of all street lights within the
CITY SHALL. 17 1. Meet periodically with COUNTY to discuss on-call services being provided. Review with 18 COUNTY cost overruns associated with on-call services and develop strategies for budget and/or service 19 levels commensurate with available funding.
CITY SHALL. 24 1. Review the preliminary annual Work Plan prepared by the COUNTY by August of each 25 year, and make revisions, with concurrence of the COUNTY by October 31, based upon CITY’s budget 26 and desired service levels and consistent with available COUNTY resources and contract capability.

Related to CITY SHALL

  • City CITY’s DIRECTOR, or his or her designee, shall be the CITY official responsible for the Program and shall render overall supervision of the progress and performance of this AGREEMENT by CITY. All services agreed to be performed by CITY shall be under the overall direction of the DIRECTOR.

  • Office Hours Instructors will hold office hours in their office or laboratory a minimum of sixty (60) minutes each day they are assigned teaching responsibilities. Office hours will be held at least four (4) days per week during those weeks an instructor has teaching responsibilities. When the majority of an instructor’s classes are taught off-campus or online and on campus office hours would not make the instructor more available to students, alternatives from the four (4) day requirement may be made with prior approval of the xxxx/supervisor. Any disagreements regarding office hour schedules may be appealed to the Vice President of Teaching, Learn- ing and student Development. Instructors who teach off-campus or online may, with the xxxx/supervisor’s approval, hold office hours in an appropriate location or virtual hours through the college’s course management system. each instructor shall schedule office hours at a time and place convenient for the students. The total number of office hours required each week is 10, provided such total number of office hours shall be reduced by one (1) hour if the faculty member is assigned to two (2) or more locations one (1) day per week and reduced by two (2) hours if assigned to two (2) or more locations two (2) or more days per week, except that such reduction shall not be applicable to any assignment which is part of a voluntary overload. An office hour schedule must be submitted in writing to the xxxx/supervisor by the tenth day of instruction for approval. All office hours will be posted outside the instructor’s office, and the administrative assistant/office coordinator will be kept informed if the instructor is not in the office or laboratory during office hours for any prolonged period.

  • Afternoon Shift If a second shift is employed, the hours of work shall be seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours of work between the hours of 4:30 P.M. and 12:30 A.M. for which eight (8) hours will be paid and a shift premium of sixty-one cents (61¢) shall be added on to the classified hourly rate.

  • Directory To participate in the MnDOT TGB program, a business must be certified at the time of contract execution. Certified Targeted Group Businesses are listed in the Directory of Certified Targeted Group, Economically Disadvantaged and VET Vendors. MnDOT makes no representation as to any TGB’s technical or financial ability to perform the work. Prime contractors are solely responsible for performing due diligence in hiring TGB firms. A TGB’s failure to perform the work will not be considered justification for a compensation increase or time extension.

  • Central Office A local switching system for connecting lines to lines, lines to trunks, or trunks to trunks for the purpose of originating/terminating calls over the public switched telephone network. A single Central Office may handle several Central Office codes ("NXX"). Sometimes this term is used to refer to a telephone company building in which switching systems and telephone equipment are installed.

  • Front 1.2)Back; 1.3)Left; 1.4)Right; 1.5)Top; 1.6)Bottom; 1.7)Perspective 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6

  • Standard No representation or warranty of Seller contained in Article III or of Buyers contained in Article IV shall be deemed untrue, inaccurate or incorrect for purposes of Section 6.2(a) or 6.3(a) of this Agreement, and no party hereto shall be deemed to have breached a representation or warranty for such purpose under this Agreement, in any case as a consequence of the existence or absence of any fact, circumstance or event unless such fact, circumstance or event, individually or when taken together with all other facts, circumstances or events inconsistent with any representations or warranties contained in Article III, in the case of Seller, or Article IV, in the case of Buyers, has had or would reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect with respect to the Companies or Buyers, respectively (disregarding for purposes of this Section 10.1 all qualifications or limitations set forth in any representations or warranties as to “materiality,” “Material Adverse Effect” and words of similar import). Notwithstanding the immediately preceding sentence, (i) the representations and warranties contained in Section 3.2(a) shall be deemed untrue and incorrect if not true and correct in all respects other than to a de minimis extent (relative to Section 3.2(a), taken as a whole) and (ii) the representations and warranties contained in Sections 3.2(b), 3.3(a), 3.3(b), 3.3(c)(i), 3.7, 3.20, and 3.21 shall be deemed untrue and incorrect if not true and correct in all material respects.

  • Central Office Switch A switch used to provide Telecommunications Services, including, but not limited to, an End Office Switch or a Tandem Switch. A Central Office Switch may also be employed as a combination End Office/Tandem Office Switch.

  • Workshops During the month of September or October of each year during the term of this Agreement, there shall be held at each University a workshop for Department Chairs at which will be discussed their roles and responsibilities as such. Representatives of the University, at its election, and representatives of the Association, at its election, shall be permitted to participate jointly in such workshop.