CITY SHALL Sample Clauses

CITY SHALL. A. Provide funding for services outlined in this contract, in an amount not to exceed Thirty Thousand and No/100 dollars ($30,000).
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CITY SHALL. 1. Review service levels contained within County’s preliminary annual Work Plan, and make adjustments by October 1 based upon CITY’s budget and desired service levels and consistent with available COUNTY resources and contract capability.
CITY SHALL. A. Provide complete and detailed information as to its requirements for a Project.
CITY SHALL. 24 1. Review the preliminary annual Work Plan prepared by the COUNTY by August of each 25 year, and make revisions, with concurrence of the COUNTY by October 31, based upon CITY’s budget 26 and desired service levels and consistent with available COUNTY resources and contract capability.
CITY SHALL. 1. Assign a Program Manager for City’s work under this Agreement who will serve as City’s Program contact.
CITY SHALL. A. Supervise use of the Equipment by City staff and others.
CITY SHALL. 14 1. CITY shall pay all electric charges required for the operation of all street lights within the
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CITY SHALL. 17 1. Meet periodically with COUNTY to discuss on-call services being provided. Review with 18 COUNTY cost overruns associated with on-call services and develop strategies for budget and/or service 19 levels commensurate with available funding.
CITY SHALL a. Be the party responsible for soliciting, receiving and opening of bids and for executing and administering the construction CONTRACT for the City Water and Sewer Improvements and DISTRICT Roadway Improvements referenced herein, which CONTRACT shall include, inter alia, a provision that all work required for the DISTRICT Roadway Improvements shall be performed in conformance with the most current edition of the Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (ISPWC) and the most current DISTRICT Supplemental Specifications to the ISPWC. It is hereby specifically agreed that:
CITY SHALL. A. Pay the sum of TEN DOLLARS ($10) per square foot for the Property, which is estimated to be ONE HUNDRED, SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS ($172.670.00) (the “Acquisition Amount”) for the Property into an escrow account designated by City for the account of the Seller and conditioned upon the Property vesting in City free and clear of all liens, leases, encumbrances, assessments and taxes. The entire Acquisition Amount shall be paid at Close of Escrow.
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