Clarification of Sample Clauses

Clarification of. Employee's Regular Job". (Page 61 et seq., 1945 Transcript) In the application of this section it is considered that the allowance is due to an employee only in the case where he is reporting for his regular duties and then no work is provided. If the employee's regular duties consist of ship loading and bull gang work, he may be transferred from one regular assignment to another without penalty providing he obtains work on either job. However, while working on ships he will receive the ship rate and while working in the yard he will receive the bull gang rate. In the case of an employee, whose regular duties consist of one specified job, and who reports for work and finds no work available, if such employee then transfers to a job carrying a lower rate, at his election, he shall nevertheless receive the rate paid him on his regular job.
Clarification of. ARTICLE Included in the time provided to the Unit Chairperson for the investigation of grievances in Article is time to analyze grievance replies provided by the Company. Reasonable time will also be provided for preparation for the negotiation of the renewal of the Collective Agreement as outlined in Article PROPOSAL FOR UNION TO HAVE ACCESS TO OFFICE SPACE The Company will provide access to office space for the Union under the following conditions: Location The preferred location is the building in which the local Unit Chairperson works. At this time, however, this is not possible and the office available is in the Engineering Department in Administration Building Filing cabinet to be exclusively for the use of the Union. Other normal office facilities. The Union shall be responsible for the payment of any long distance charges.
Clarification of. What Repair Work May be Done. (Page 240, 1948 Transcript) In a case of an emergency involving the closing of the mill for a day or more and a loss of employment to a substantial number of men, employees are expected to perform repair work on holidays.
Clarification of. ARTICLE ....................................... NOT REDUCING ......................................... AND DOWNTIME ....................
Clarification of. Bidding Documents, Site Visit, Pre-Bid Meeting
Clarification of. CONDITION TO THIRD INSTALLMENT Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the milestone for the third investment payment milestone shall be on or before * as that phrase is generally understood and interpreted in the industry. * OMITTED PURSUANT TO A CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUEST FILED WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION

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  • Clarification If the total solution proposed under this CLIN includes travel, then the travel should be shown as part of the CLIN 3001 solution and included under CLIN 3001 at time of award. Special Contract Requirements paragraph H047, Travel (FEB 2003) pertains to travel related to cost or labor hour CLIN's only. Qty Unit Price ITEM SUPPLIES OR SERVICES Purch Unit Total Item Amount 3002 Noun: NETWORK CENTRIC SOLUTIONS Contract type: S - COST Start Date: 10 SEP 2010 Completion Date: 09 DEC 2010 Descriptive Data: NOTE: Option 3 Ordering under this CLIN is available between 10 Sep 2010 through 9 Dec 2010

  • Clarification of Tenders 26.1 To assist in the examination, evaluation, comparison of the Tenders, and qualification of the Tenderers, the Procuring Entity may, at its discretion, ask any Tenderer for a clarification of its Tender. Any clarification submitted by a Tenderer in respect to its Tender and that is not in response to a request by the Procuring Entity shall not be considered. The Procuring Entity's request for clarification and the response shall be in writing. No change, including any voluntary increase or decrease, in the prices or substance of the Tender shall be sought, offered, or permitted except to confirm the correction of arithmetic errors discovered by the Procuring Entity in the Evaluation of the Tenders, in accordance with ITT 30. If a Tenderer does not provide clarifications of its Tender by the date and time set in the Procuring Entity's request for clarification, its Tender may be rejected.