License In definition

License In has the meaning set forth in Section 4.8(e).
License In means licenses, sublicenses or other Contracts under which the Company or any Subsidiary is granted rights by others in Intellectual Property Assets.
License In shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 5.19(a).

Examples of License In in a sentence

  • Copy of PAN, GST, PF, ESI Registration and valid Labour License (In case any of these documents is not available with the bidder, same to be explicitly mentioned in the ‘Schedule of Deviations’) Please note that in absence of any of the above documents, the bid submitted by a bidder shall be liable for rejection.

  • Determination of eligibility in case of products requiring BIS License: In case the bid requires availability of BIS License, bidder has to upload currently valid and operative BIS License copy (Valid on the date of bid opening) to be considered eligible.

  • Import License In case imported materials are offered no assistance will be given for release of foreign Exchange.

  • Copy of PAN, GST, PF, ESI Registration and valid Labour License (In case any of these documents is not available with the bidder, same to be explicitly mentioned in the ‘Schedule of Deviations’) If Required Please note that in absence of any of the above documents, the bid submitted by a bidder shall be liable for rejection.

  • Step 7: License Termination/Issuance of the General License In cases involving termination of an entire license, NRC acceptance of the LTSP is required prior to termination of the specific uranium milling license and placement of the site and byproduct material under the general license in 10 CFR 40.28.

  • Transfer of License: In case of death of licensee during the validity of the tenure, license will be transferred to the legal heir only for the remaining period of the tenure of the licensee.

  • A valid Business License (In the case of a commercial industrial use).

  • Revocation Of License: In addition to all other fines and penalties, the Mayor may revoke the retail liquor dealer's license for any violation of this Section.

  • Denial, Suspension or Revocation of a License In reviewing license applications, the Licensing Authority and any consulting City officials may consider the approval standards under this Ordinance as well as other applicable local, state or federal laws and, for license renewals, the Licensee’s record of compliance with the same.

  • Marijuana Testing License In addition to the requirements provided elsewhere in this Article, an applicant for a retail license must also provide the following: a.

More Definitions of License In

License In is defined in Section 3.20(a).
License In has the meaning assigned that term in Section 2.16(a) of this Agreement.
License In means any Contract pursuant to which the Company or another Seller has been expressly granted any Intellectual Property Rights primarily used in the Business, except non-exclusive licenses to Software that are generally commercially available.

Related to License In

  • Sublicense Fees means all upfront fees, milestone payments and similar license fees received by LICENSEE from its Sublicensees in consideration for the grant of a Sublicense, but excluding:

  • Sublicense Income means any payments that Company receives from a Sublicensee in consideration of the sublicense of the rights granted Company under Section 2.1., including without limitation license fees, royalties, milestone payments, and license maintenance fees, but excluding the following payments: (a) payments made in consideration for the issuance of equity or debt securities of Company at fair market value, and (b) payments specifically committed to the development of Licensed Products.

  • Sublicense Revenues means all consideration, in whatever form, due from a Sublicensee to Licensee or to another Sublicensee in return for the grant of a sublicense of Licensee’s rights under Section 3.1 and Section 3.2 of this Agreement, excluding consideration in the form of: (i) royalties received by Licensee and calculated wholly as a function of sales of Licensed Products or Licensed Services, (ii) payments or reimbursement for documented sponsored research and/or development activities, valued at the actual direct cost of such activities on a fully burdened basis (including reasonable margin for overhead), (iii) payment or reimbursement of reasonable patent expenses actually incurred or paid by Licensee and not otherwise reimbursed, or payment of patent expenses required to by paid by Licensee hereunder, (iv) payments for the purchase of equity in Licensee at the fair market value of such equity on the date that the obligation to make such payment arises, (v) payments recognized as Net Sales or Sublicensee Net Sales under this Agreement for which a royalty is payable to COH (vi) capital investments (debt and/or equity) at fair market value, and (vii) amounts paid for supplies of materials or other tangible materials which are not Licensed Products or performance of services which are not Licensed Services. By way of clarification, the principal amount of any bona fide loan or other extension of credit provided to Licensee or an Affiliate of Licensee shall not be deemed to constitute “Sublicense Revenues.”

  • Sublicense Revenue means any payments that (1) with respect to Alnylam, Alnylam receives from a sublicensee in consideration of a Naked Sublicense or a sublicense granted by Alnylam as permitted by Section 5.2(b), or (2) with respect to Isis, Isis receives from a sublicensee in consideration of a sublicense to further the research, development or commercialization of an Isis Single Stranded RNAi Product, in each case including, but not limited to, license fees, royalties, milestone payments, and license maintenance fees, but excluding: (i) payments made in consideration of equity or debt securities of the applicable Party at fair market value and (ii) payments specifically committed to reimburse the applicable Party for the fully-burdened cost of research and development. If a Party receives any non-cash Sublicense Revenue, such Party will pay the other Party, at the election of the Party who is entitled to receive Sublicense Revenue payment, either (x) a cash payment equal to the fair market value of the appropriate percentage of the Sublicense Revenue or (y) the in-kind portion, if practicable, of the Sublicense Revenue.

  • License Key means a unique key-code issued to You by Syncro (or its authorized reseller) to activate and use the Software.

  • License Fees means the license fees, including all taxes thereon, paid or required to be paid by Licensee for the license granted under this Agreement.

  • Third Party Royalties means up-front, milestone, royalty and any other similar payments paid by Gilead to any Third Party for Offsetting Patents for the Development, manufacture, use sale, offer for sale, or importation of Compound or Product.

  • Sublicense means: (a) any right granted, license given or agreement entered into by Licensee to or with any other person or entity, under or with respect to or permitting any use or exploitation of any of the Patent Rights or Know-How or otherwise permitting the development, manufacture, marketing, distribution, use and/or sale of Licensed Products; (b) any option or other right granted by Licensee to any other person or entity to negotiate for or receive any of the rights described under clause (a); or (c) any standstill or similar obligation undertaken by Licensee toward any other person or entity not to grant any of the rights described in clause (a) or (b) to any third party; in each case regardless of whether such grant of rights, license given or agreement entered into is referred to or is described as a sublicense.

  • License Fee means the amount payable by the licensee to DMRC as per rates offered by the Selected Bidder for utilization of licensed space and accepted by DMRC to be paid by the Licensee along with other charges and any kind of Central or State Taxes, local levies, statutory dues, etc. that may be payable by the licensee as per prevalent law.

  • Sublicensing Revenue means any cash consideration (including upfront payments, milestone payments, and royalties), and the cash equivalent of all other consideration, actually received by ZIOPHARM or its Affiliate from a Third Party in consideration for a grant of a sublicense under the Intrexon IP or any rights to develop or commercialize ZIOPHARM Products, but excluding: (a) any amounts paid as bona fide reimbursement for research and development costs to the extent incurred following such grant; (b) bona fide loans or any payments in consideration for a grant of equity of ZIOPHARM to the extent that such consideration is equal to or less than fair market value (i.e. any amounts in excess of fair market value shall be Sublicensing Revenue); or (c) amounts received from sublicensees in respect of any ZIOPHARM Product sales that are included in Net Sales.

  • Royalties means all royalties, fees, expense reimbursement and other amounts payable by a Loan Party under a License.

  • CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee With respect to each Mortgage Loan (including any REO Mortgage Loan) and for any Distribution Date, the amount accrued during the related Interest Accrual Period at the CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee Rate on, in the case of the initial Distribution Date, the Cut-Off Date Balance of such Mortgage Loan and, in the case of any subsequent Distribution Date, the Stated Principal Balance of such Mortgage Loan as of the close of business on the Distribution Date in the related Interest Accrual Period; provided that such amounts shall be computed for the same period and on the same interest accrual basis respecting which any related interest payment due or deemed due on the related Mortgage Loan is computed and shall be prorated for partial periods. For the avoidance of doubt, the CREFC® Intellectual Property Royalty License Fee shall be payable from the Lower-Tier REMIC.

  • Licensed Services means all functions performed by the Licensed System.

  • Royalty means an interest in an oil and gas lease that gives the owner of the interest the right to receive a portion of the production from the leased acreage (or of the proceeds of the sale thereof), but generally does not require the owner to pay any portion of the costs of drilling or operating the wells on the leased acreage.

  • Licensee means a person licensed under this chapter.

  • Sublicensee means any permitted sublicensee of the rights granted Company under this Agreement, as further described in Section 2.2.

  • License Type means the type of license granted be it a perpetual license or subscription license for a specified duration, such information being as specified in the Notification Form.

  • Research License means a nontransferable, nonexclusive license to make and to use Licensed Products or Licensed Processes as defined by the Licensed Patent Rights for purposes of research and not for purposes of commercial manufacture or distribution or in lieu of purchase.

  • Milestone Payments has the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.

  • Licensed service area means the geographic area in which the home service provider is authorized by law or contract to provide commercial mobile radio service to the customer.

  • Licensed producer means a person or entity licensed to produce medical cannabis.

  • Sublicense Agreement means any agreement or arrangement pursuant to which Licensee (or an Affiliate or Sublicensee) grants to any third party any of the license rights granted to the Licensee under the Agreement.

  • Exclusive License means with respect to any drug or pharmaceutical product, any license granted to develop, commercialize, sell, market and promote such drug or pharmaceutical product with a term greater than five (5) years (unless terminable prior to such time without material penalty or premium by Irish Holdco or the applicable Restricted Subsidiary) and which provides the applicable licensee (and/or its assignees) the exclusive rights to develop, commercialize, sell, market and promote such drug or product within the United States; provided that an “Exclusive License” shall not include (a) any license to distribute any such drug or product on an exclusive basis within any particular geographic region or territory, (b) any licenses, which may be exclusive, to manufacture any such drug or product, and (c) any license to manufacture, use, offer for sale or sell any authorized generic version of such drug or product.

  • License year means the period of time for which a

  • Licensed Site means the area contained within the boundary of a location under the control of persons generating or storing byproduct material under an Agency license.

  • Licensee Data means, other than Resultant Data, information, data and other content, in any form or medium, that is collected, downloaded or otherwise received, directly or indirectly from Licensee or an Authorized User by or through the Services.