Facility will Sample Clauses

Facility will. 1) Allow University students reasonable access to its site in order to fulfil internship hours and requirements within the scope of services offered by the Facility and to meet the University program’s student learning objectives. When appropriate and agreed upon the by the parties, Facility may provide a remote or off-site internship experience with supervision by Facility staff. Facility shall determine the number of students it is capable of accepting for fieldwork placement, and the academic programs that it is willing to provide training.
Facility will. 1. Agree to accept automatic monthly shipment of reagents from Xxxxxxx Medical USA in accordance with volume commitment listed below.

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  • Facility Prudential is willing to consider, in its sole discretion and within limits which may be authorized for purchase by Prudential Affiliates from time to time, the purchase of Shelf Notes pursuant to this Agreement. The willingness of Prudential to consider such purchase of Shelf Notes is herein called the “Facility”. At any time, the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes stated in Section 1.2, minus the aggregate principal amount of Shelf Notes purchased and sold pursuant to this Agreement prior to such time, minus the aggregate principal amount of Accepted Notes (as hereinafter defined) which have not yet been purchased and sold hereunder prior to such time, is herein called the “Available Facility Amount” at such time. NOTWITHSTANDING THE WILLINGNESS OF PRUDENTIAL TO CONSIDER PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES BY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATES, THIS AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO ON THE EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING THAT NEITHER PRUDENTIAL NOR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE SHALL BE OBLIGATED TO MAKE OR ACCEPT OFFERS TO PURCHASE SHELF NOTES, OR TO QUOTE RATES, SPREADS OR OTHER TERMS WITH RESPECT TO SPECIFIC PURCHASES OF SHELF NOTES, AND THE FACILITY SHALL IN NO WAY BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY PRUDENTIAL OR ANY PRUDENTIAL AFFILIATE.

  • Facility Use The Employer shall allow individuals the use of gender- segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms that are consistent with that individual's gender expression or gender identity. In such facilities where undressing in the presence of others occurs, The Employer shall allow access to and use of a facility consistent with that individual's gender expression or gender identity.

  • Credit Hours Each Approved Graduate Credit Hour at the BA level shall add $190 to the generator salary of $40,145, up to a maximum of 36 hours (or 39 hours if a District-approved course or program)

  • Banking Facilities Section 4.10 of the Disclosure Schedules sets forth an accurate and complete list of (a) each bank, savings and loan or similar financial institution with which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has an account or safety deposit box or other similar arrangement, and any numbers or other identifying codes of such accounts, safety deposit boxes or such other arrangements maintained by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries thereat, and (b) the names of all Persons authorized to draw on any such account or to have access to any such safety deposit box facility or such other arrangement.

  • Facility Requirements 1. Maintain wheelchair accessibility to program activities according to governing law, including the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), as applicable.

  • Facility Access Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, the Customer shall provide the Authority with such access to the Facility, and such documentation, as the Authority deems necessary to determine the Customer’s compliance with the Customer’s Supplemental Commitments specified in this Schedule B.

  • Facility Operations Seller shall ensure that all Facility components are operated and maintained safely and in a manner designed to meet the Warranty Specifications and Performance Standards and as otherwise required under this Agreement.

  • Laundry Facilities SF State University assumes no responsibility in the use of laundry equipment or for lost items.

  • Credit Facility This Warrant to Purchase Common Stock (“Warrant”) is issued in connection with that certain Loan and Security Agreement of even date herewith between Silicon Valley Bank and the Company (the “Loan Agreement”). THIS WARRANT CERTIFIES THAT, for good and valuable consideration, SILICON VALLEY BANK (together with any successor or permitted assignee or transferee of this Warrant or of any shares issued upon exercise hereof, “Holder”) is entitled to purchase the number of fully paid and non-assessable shares (the “Shares”) of the above-stated common stock (the “Common Stock”) of the above-named company (the “Company”) at the above-stated Warrant Price, all as set forth above and as adjusted pursuant to Section 2 of this Warrant, subject to the provisions and upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Warrant. Reference is made to Section 5.4 of this Warrant whereby Silicon Valley Bank shall transfer this Warrant to its parent company, SVB Financial Group.