Readily available definition

Readily available means the physician must be in near proximity and is able to be contacted either in person or by telecommunications or other electronic means to provide consultation and advice to the practitioner performing delegated medical acts. When application is made for more than the equivalent of three full‑time NPs, CNMs, or CNSs to practice with one physician, or when a NP, CNM, or CNS is performing delegated medical acts in a practice site greater than forty‑five miles from the physician, the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medical Examiners shall review the application to determine if adequate supervision exists.
Readily available means able to be used or obtained quickly and easily.

Examples of Readily available in a sentence

  • Readily available and fully stocked spill kits can effectively mitigate potential spills.

  • The records should be:- In order.- Fastened, if loose.- Separate for each member.- Filed in a manner for easy retrieval.- Readily available to the treating care provider where the member generally receives care.- Promptly sent to specialists upon request.• Medical records are:- Stored in a manner that helps ensure privacy.- Released only to entities as designated consistent with federal requirements.- Kept in a secure area accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • Readily available off-the-shelf goods estimated to cost equal to or less than US$100,000 each would be procured through Shopping (SH) on the basis of at least three written quotations obtained from qualified suppliers.

  • Readily available is defined as not being under lock and key or only accessible through electronic means when a member does not have immediate access to a government computer.

  • Readily available information shall mean information that the Participating TO currently has on hand.

More Definitions of Readily available

Readily available means no collection or creation of data is required, and little or no computation or analysis of data is required.
Readily available means on site or at a closely related institution by prearranged consultative agreement.
Readily available means that the Contractor shall produce an SDS for review within fifteen (15) minutes of the SDS being requested by the Edison Representative or by an official from a government agency. SDSs shall comply with the Federal (29 CFR 1910.1200) and California (Title 8, CCR 5194) OSHA Hazard Communication Standards. (2) All containers of hazardous substances (chemicals and chemical products) shall be properly labeled in accordance with Applicable Laws. These labels shall be clearly legible and capable of withstanding normal shipping and handling while maintaining legibility. Any container received at the Jobsite without labels, or with illegible information, is subject to rejection and return to Contractor at Contractor’s expense. Labels of new chemical products shall be legible and bear the manufacturer’s label and shall include, at a minimum: (i) Identification of any hazardous substance (chemicals and chemical products); (ii) Appropriate hazard warnings; and (iii) Name and address of manufacturer, importer, or other responsible party. Manufacturer labels that are illegible shall be replaced with a label bearing the required data. Each container of hazardous substances (chemicals and chemical products) not in the manufacturer’s original container shall be labeled, tagged, or marked with the following information: (i) Identification of the hazardous substance (chemicals and chemical products); and (ii) appropriate hazard warnings. (3) Contractor is hereby warned that exposure to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm may occur at Edison facilities. Upon request, the Edison Representative shall make available to the Contractor and its employees an SDS for such chemical exposures at the Jobsite. The appropriate SDS is available from Edison’s Occupational Safety and Health Division. Contractor shall inform its Subcontractors of the above information. From the time that Contractor enters Edison facilities or begins the Work until the time the Work is completed, Contractor shall, and shall require its Subcontractors to, issue warnings for exposure to chemicals that Contractor may use in connection with the Work or that Contractor is aware of, and that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm to personnel at the Jobsite. Contractor shall also warn the Edison Representative of any exposure which may continue after Contractor has completed the Work. Suc...
Readily available means present in an appropriate place in a physical copy form that can be handled;
Readily available means that the Home must have a large enough stock of supplies and equipment on hand at all times to meet program goals. It does not mean that all supplies and equipment required by all residents must be available at all times.
Readily available means it can be obtained:
Readily available means that a person could obtain this insurance from a local agent or broker. Also, we should not confuse reasonably available with affordable. What a person can afford is subjective and specific to that person. What is important is that the price of the insurance was reasonable considering the risk.