Carry Forward Sample Clauses

Carry Forward. In the event that the sum allocated for the aforementioned career development in any year is not fully utilized in the intended year, the unutilized amount shall carry forward as funding available for Staff Career Development in subsequent years, in addition to that amount referenced in 19.01(a).
Carry Forward. Employees may carry forward up to fifteen (15) days of unused vacation to the following year. The vacation days carried forward must be used in the subsequent year or the employee will lose those vacation days. The Superintendent may temporarily suspend the carry forward maximum days in an emergency situation.
Carry Forward. No employee has the right to carry forward part or all of her vacation from one vacation year to another except with the approval of the Chief Librarian.
Carry Forward. Employees hired after June 30th of each year may carry forward up to eight (8) hours of personal leave from their first partial year of employment to the next year. The maximum possible accrual in this instance is forty-eight (48) hours. No other carry forward of personal leave from year to year is permitted.
Carry Forward. Amounts not used during a Coverage Period shall:
Carry Forward. In the event that Label does not utilize one hundred percent (100%) of its **** for ****, Label shall be entitled to **** solely into the immediately following **** only a maximum of **** of such ****. Company shall in no way be obligated to: (i) ****; or (ii) **** Label for ****.
Carry Forward. If at the end of each Summer Period the natural gas quantities taken and paid by Buyer, excluding any possible Deferred Quantity that Buyer may have taken, as indicated in article 7. of this Agreement, were in excess of the Take or Pay Quantity established in article 5., Buyer's take or pay obligations for the immediately following Summer Period shall be reduced by a percentage equal to the natural gas quantity taken by Buyer in excess of the take or pay percentage envisaged in article 5, up to six per cent (6%) for SECTION I and up to ten per cent (10%) for SECTION II. If during any Summer Period, exclusively for SECTION I, Buyer fails to exercise or partially exercises the right established in article 8.1, it may defer the unused percentage accumulating it in the following Summer Period/s, but reduction shall in no case exceed the six per cent (6%) cap envisaged in article 8.1 of this Agreement.