In return Sample Clauses

In return a. The Student's Parents/Guardians will pay to The Yeshiva 20,000 USD, in words - Twenty thousand dollars, in tuition.
In return. We will not take legal action against you if you have complied with the rules. • We will process your report and respond as soon as possible. • We will provide a fix as soon as possible • We will work diligently with stakeholders and Customers to help them restore the security of their systems. • We will not publicly disclose your identity if you do not wish to be credited for your discovery.
In return for Lessor waiving a portion of the base rent for months 1 through 60 of the primary lease term, Lessee agrees to complete all construction and be responsible for all construction costs which include construction management fees, architectural fees, permit fees, and utility connections fees. All construction must be completed by September 1, 1998 and be in compliance

Related to In return

  • Annual Return A copy of the Annual Return form AR01 submitted to Companies House for Contractors registered in the UK. Where Contractors are not registered with Companies House, they must forward the information detailed in Annex 1.

  • Tax Return “Tax Return” shall mean any return (including any information return), report, statement, declaration, estimate, schedule, notice, notification, form, election, certificate or other document or information filed with or submitted to, or required to be filed with or submitted to, any Governmental Body in connection with the determination, assessment, collection or payment of any Tax or in connection with the administration, implementation or enforcement of or compliance with any Legal Requirement relating to any Tax.

  • Separate Returns In the case of any Tax Contest with respect to any Separate Return, the Company having liability for the Tax pursuant to Section 2 hereof shall have exclusive control over the Tax Contest, including exclusive authority with respect to any settlement of such Tax liability, subject to Sections 9.02(c) and (d) below.

  • Preferred Return A Cumulative Return of six percent computed from the Initial Closing Date through the date as of which such amount is being calculated. Property or Properties. The Company's partial or entire interest in real property (including leasehold interests) located outside the United States and personal or mixed property connected therewith. An investment which obligates the Company to acquire a Property will be treated as a Property for purposes of this Agreement. Property Management Fee. A fee for property management services rendered by the Advisor or its Affiliates in connection with assets of the Company acquired directly or through foreclosure.

  • Amended Returns Any amended Tax Return or claim for Tax refund, credit or offset with respect to any member of the Mtron Group may be made only by the Company (or its Affiliates) responsible for preparing the original Tax Return with respect to such member pursuant to Sections 3.1 or 3.2 (and, for the avoidance of doubt, subject to the same review and comment rights set forth in Sections 3.1 or 3.2, to the extent applicable). Such Company (or its Affiliates) shall not, without the prior written consent of the other Company (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed), file, or cause to be filed, any such amended Tax Return or claim for Tax refund, credit or offset to the extent that such filing, if accepted, is likely to increase the Taxes allocated to, or the Tax indemnity obligations under this Agreement of, such other Company for any Tax Year (or portion thereof); provided, however, that such consent need not be obtained if the Company filing the amended Tax Return by written notice to the other Company agrees to indemnify the other Company for the incremental Taxes allocated to, or the incremental Tax indemnity obligation resulting under this Agreement to, such other Company as a result of the filing of such amended Tax Return.

  • Preparation of Returns The Managing Member shall cause to be prepared all federal, state and local tax returns of the Company for each year for which such returns are required to be filed and shall cause such returns to be timely filed. The Managing Member shall determine the appropriate treatment of each item of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit of the Company and the accounting methods and conventions under the tax laws of the United States of America, the several states and other relevant jurisdictions as to the treatment of any such item or any other method or procedure related to the preparation of such tax returns. Except as specifically provided otherwise in this Agreement, the Managing Member may cause the Company to make or refrain from making any and all elections permitted by such tax laws. As promptly as practicable after the end of each Fiscal Year, the Managing Member shall cause the Company to provide to each Member a Schedule K-1 for such Fiscal Year. Additionally, the Managing Member shall cause the Company to provide to each Member, to the extent commercially reasonable and available to the Company without undue cost, any information reasonably required by the Member to prepare, or in connection with an audit of, such Member’s income tax returns.

  • Filing of Returns The Board or its designated agent shall prepare and file, or cause the accountants of the Company to prepare and file, a U.S. federal information tax return in compliance with Section 6031 of the Code and any required state and local income tax and information returns for each Taxable Year of the Company.

  • Interest on and Return of Capital Contributions No Member shall be entitled to interest on its Capital Contribution or to return of its Capital Contribution, except as otherwise specifically provided for herein.

  • Tax Benefit Schedule Within one hundred fifty (150) calendar days after the filing of the U.S. federal income Tax Return of the Corporation for any Taxable Year in which there is a Realized Tax Benefit or Realized Tax Detriment, the Corporation shall provide to the Members a schedule showing, in reasonable detail, the calculation of the Realized Tax Benefit or Realized Tax Detriment for such Taxable Year (a “Tax Benefit Schedule”). The Tax Benefit Schedule will become final and binding on the Parties pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 2.4(a), and may be amended by the Parties pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 2.4(b).

  • Extent of Return or Disposition Return or Disposition is partial. The categories of data to be disposed of are set forth below or are found in an attachment to this Directive: Return or Disposition is Complete. Disposition extends to all categories of data.