Report Cards Sample Clauses

Report Cards. Report cards are sent home each trimester; the report card envelope is to be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher the following school day. There will be an $8 replacement charge for any lost report card envelopes.
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Report Cards. A. Report cards or final grades shall not be routinely required to be completed and handed in earlier than the end of the second work day following the last day of the term as shown on the calendar. It is recognized, however, that grades may be required for certain students earlier than the time lines above, and the teachers agree to cooperate and submit grades earlier under these special circumstances (examples of special circumstances include student moving, scholarship and admission to college).
Report Cards. At the conclusion of each quarter, MATC shall provide pupil performance data to MPS.
Report Cards. Each teacher is responsible for marking their portion of the report card. Social habits/citizenship will be a combined effort of both teachers.
Report Cards a) Except for exceptional circumstances, the Board shall have common time lines and deadlines for all schools, which will specify dates for submission of reports to the office, and release of reports. Adequate lead-up time to the preparation of report cards shall be provided.
Report Cards. At the end of each 9-weeks grading period parents should check their student’s MYCA page for report cards. Grading System The grading system is as follows: A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 F below 70 Classes such as Music, PE, Bible, Art and Library are graded with S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement) or U (Unsatisfactory) The pupils receive grades in these areas based on cooperation, enthusiasm, conduct, participation, and effort.
Report Cards. 1. All Elementary and Secondary schools will be on a semester basis. Student grades will be submitted only once per semester.
Report Cards. Report cards shall not be due until after the last day of the grading period. The date when Report Cards and Progress Reports are due will be noted on the building calendars as the normal grading periods.
Report Cards. L.E.8.1 Interim reports shall not be required for all students, but may be issued on an individual needs basis.
Report Cards. All students will be given a report card each quarter for a total of 4. Quarter grades are placed on the student’s official transcript and are figured into overall GPA. A report card will be mailed home following the completion of each quarter. Midterm grades are NOT mailed home and parents need to consult the SIS/Aspire system to find accurate grades for their students. SCHEDULE CHANGES: Class schedules will be available prior to school starting. Changes can only be made during the first two weeks of each semester. Changes may be made without charge during the first week and will be charged $10 for each change during the second week. Changes not requiring the $10 fee may include school error, teacher request, or incorrect academic placement. Schedule change procedure: