School Site definition

School Site means the land set aside for each type of school, such as Elementary, Junior High, Senior High operated by the School Board, including but not limited to municipal school reserve;
School Site means land or premises or an interest in land or premises required by a board for a school, school playground, school garden, teacher’s residence, caretaker’s residence, gymnasium, school offices, parking areas or for any other school purpose; (“emplacement scolaire”)
School Site means a plot of ground or property set apart for the use of a school.

Examples of School Site in a sentence

  • Hearing of Complaints or Charges Brought Against an Employee by Another Person or Employee Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 for the following positions: Classroom Teachers, School Site Administrators, School Site Classified Employees.

  • All bids will remain firm for acceptance for 60 days from the date of bid opening.Prices shall be net F.O.B.; School Site, Mobile County, AL.

  • Share the data and analysis with the School Site Council (SSC), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and school staff, as required.

  • Members must be selected by their peer group.Recommendations and Assurances‌The School Site Council (SSC) recommends this school plan and proposed expenditures to the district governing board for approval and assures the board of the following: The SSC is correctly constituted and was formed in accordance with district governing board policy and state law.

  • During the term of this Site Lease, the District shall hold fee title to the School Site, including the Project Site, and nothing in this Site Lease or the Facilities Lease shall change, in any way, the District’s ownership interest in the School Site.

More Definitions of School Site

School Site means one or more parcels of land where a school facility is located. More than one school facility may be located on a school site.
School Site means land or an interest in land or premises acquired by a board of education or the conseil scolaire for a school, school playground or any other purpose associated with the operation of a school; (« terrain pour la construction d’écoles »)
School Site is used, it is any work location or functional division or group in which a grievance may arise.
School Site. Teacher Name: Evaluator: Grade/Subject: Start time: End time: Status:  Long-Term Substitute  Probationary 2  Intern  Probationary 1  Tenured  Scheduled  Drop-in Lesson Objective: Narrative Record: Things to Observe: 1. Productive Teaching Techniques Student/Teacher Relations 2. Organized, Structured Class Management 3. Positive Interpersonal Evaluator comments/suggestions: Evaluator Signature Date Evaluatee’s comments: Evaluatee’s Signature Date Date Human Resources Signature 1806.00 Form D 112 – (Rev. 4/2016) Copies to: Human Resources, Employee, and Supervisor 98 Coachella Valley Unified School District Teacher on Special Assignment 2nd Observation Report
School Site means an education site as defined in section 123B.04, subdivision 1, or charter school under section 124D.10.
School Site means a building, a playing field, or
School Site means any facility used for public day care, kindergarten, elementary, or secondary school purposes. The term includes the buildings or structures, playgrounds, athletic fields, school vehicles, or any other area of school property visited or used by students. “School site” does not include any post-secondary educational facility attended by secondary students or private day care or school facilities.