Contracting Sample Clauses

Contracting. Employees will not contract for any electrical or communications work in direct competition with their immediate Employer.
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Contracting. The Issuer may contract with other Persons to assist it in performing its duties under this Indenture, and any performance of such duties by a Person identified to the Indenture Trustee in an Officer’s Certificate of the Issuer will be deemed to be action taken by the Issuer. Initially, the Issuer has contracted with the Servicer and the Administrator to assist the Issuer in performing its duties under this Indenture.
Contracting. (a) The Company will notify the Union of its intention to have work performed by contractors in the mill, and will, emergencies excepted, afford the Union the opportunity to review it with the Company prior to a final decision being made. For this purpose, a Joint Contracting Committee will be established and it will be used as a forum to discuss the Company’s contracting decisions. In keeping with a joint commitment of the Company and the Union to provide as much maintenance and repair work as possible to the regular maintenance workforce, the Committee will also meet quarterly to make recommendations regarding the utilization of the mill maintenance workforce to minimize the use of contractors, both inside and out of the mill.
Contracting. 6.1 In the event the CSO requires the services of contractors, the CSO shall remain responsible for their acts and omissions in relation to the Activities as if they were the acts and omissions of the CSO. The terms of any contract with any such contractor shall be subject to and conform to the provisions of this Agreement.
Contracting. All service contracts permitted to be entered into pursuant to Section 6.7 above, all contracts for capital improvements and all contracts for the refurbishing and modeling of tenant spaces which (a) cover expenditures included within the Annual Plan or expenditures which are otherwise approved in advance by Owner or (b) which are approved in advance by Owner or otherwise meet criteria established by Owner for such contracts, shall be executed by Manager as agent for Owner. Without relieving it of its obligations hereunder, pursuant to Section 6.3 above, Manager shall be entitled, in its discretion and at its cost, to enter in its own name into such subcontracts with third parties or affiliates to perform any of the management functions which are the subject of this Agreement as it may determine. All other contracts with respect to the Project and all tenant leases shall be executed by Owner. Upon any termination of this Agreement, Manager shall, if requested by Owner, assign all assignable contracts executed by Manager to Owner.
Contracting. The Sub-grantee is required to obtain documentation from Sub-grantee Contractors who perform weatherization and furnace work showing the Sub-grantee Contractors are currently registered with the Iowa Division of Labor, within Chapter 91C of the Sub-grantee Registration, and have the appropriate Iowa Electrical Specialty License and Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical License (as applicable).
Contracting. The University will determine which agency services will be subject to competitive contracting in accordance with RCW 41.06.142, WAC 200-320, and WAC 357-43.
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Contracting. 45.1 The Employer will determine which services will be subject to competitive contracting in accordance with RCW 41.06.142, Department of Enterprise Services WAC 200-320, and Office of the State Human Resources Director WAC 357-43. Nothing in this Agreement will constitute a waiver of the Union’s right to negotiate a mandatory subject in association with Employer’s right to engage in competitive contracting.
Contracting. The School shall not extend the faith and credit of the District to any third person or entity. The School acknowledges and agrees that it has no authority to enter into a contract that would bind the District, and the School’s authority to contract is limited by the same provisions of law that apply to the District. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the District, each contract or legal relationship entered into by the School shall include the following provisions:
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