Licensee Sample Clauses

Licensee. Licensee represents and warrants that:
Licensee. “Licensee” means the individual or company that has entered into an Agreement with the Embassy. “Offer” means a response to a solicitation that, if accepted, would bind the offeror to perform the resultant Agreement.
Licensee. You shall use, at your own risk, the Licensed Materials. You acknowledge that ST and its Affiliates cannot in any way be held responsible for the consequences resulting from use of the Licensed Materials and any development made following such use of the Licensed Materials. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, You are not authorized to sublicense to or have used the Licensed Materials by a competitor of ST. Licensed Materials are not specifically designed for use in safety critical applications such as life supporting devices or systems, and nuclear, automotive or aerospace applications or environments. ST and its Affiliates expressly disclaim any responsibility for such usage which shall be made by You at your sole risk, even if ST and its Affiliates have been informed You in writing of such usage. You acknowledge and agree to be solely responsible for regulatory and safety related requirements concerning Licensee Products and any claim arising from incorporation of the Licensed Materials in any application or system where failure of the Licensed Materials could lead to death or personal injury.
Licensee. By signing this License, the Licensee engages to strictly respect the conditions set forth herein and to respect all the laws applicable in Switzerland in relation to data and personality protection with regard to the data contained within the Corpus collected and processed by the Licensor. The Licensee must be represented by an authorized signatory: Organization Name (Institute, University, etc): Organization Address : Country: Full Name (Block Letters): Job title / Position : Professional / academic email : Date : Signature : Schedule 1
Licensee. A registered Indian Company that has been awarded Licence to provide the service, within the geographical boundaries of the specified Service Area.
Licensee. Licensee is the natural or legal person that obtains, or desires to obtain, a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, and non-assignable license to use the Licensed Product. Licensed Product The Licensed Product is Passenger Enterprise, the enterprise version of Passenger®. This includes the software that is installed, will be installed, and/or is already running on the server(s) of Licensee; as well as any associated media, printed and/or (electronic) documentation. Excluded in the Licensed Product are: any operating system(s) or other necessary software, hosting, any database server(s) and other possible hardware and/or software in order to be able to use Licensee’s web application. The Licensed Product will only be operational after a valid license key has been entered. A license key is provided by Licensor after Licensee has obtained a Software Subscription Plan. Passenger Enterprise Passenger Enterprise is an application server for web applications. General product information about Passenger Enterprise, and information about supported software, programming languages, platforms and/or server systems can be found on the website Optimal performance of Passenger Enterprise is only possible if the necessary environment (including hardware, software, network, operating systems etc.) is installed and functioning properly. Although Passenger Enterprise contains several features to analyze and reduce problems in Licensee’s web application, these features have limitations and they are no substitute for a well-coded web application. Server In order to establish which Server definition is applicable in your situation, the following list shall be applied in order of processing, starting with number 1.
Licensee. 4.2.1 Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the APA, its directors, its officers, employees, successors and assigns from and against any claims, actions or demands arising from a breach of this License Agreement or from a third party claim of infringement due to derivative work created by Licensee and/or Authorized User or due to an unauthorized use of the Licensed Materials by Licensee or Authorized User.
Licensee. Licensee shall mean the institution or entity named at the beginning of this license or shall mean the institution or entity named in the subscription resulting from an electronic transaction. If entity is a consortium or other group of entities, each individual entity is identified in Schedule 1 at the end of this license.
Licensee. “Licensee” is the individual or entity that entered into an agreement with AnyLogic for the right and license to use the Software.
Licensee. Licensee hereby represents and warrants to Licensor that as of the Effective Date: