Tariffs Sample Clauses

Tariffs. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement, Comcast may elect or be required to file tariffs with regulatory agencies for certain Services. In such event, the terms set forth in the Agreement may, under applicable law, be superseded by the terms and conditions of the Tariffs. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event of any inconsistency with respect to rates, the rates and other terms set forth in the applicable Sales Order shall be treated as individual case based arrangements to the maximum extent permitted by law, and Comcast shall take such steps as are required by law to make the rates and other terms enforceable. If Comcast voluntarily or involuntarily cancels or withdraws a Tariff under which a Service is provided to Customer, the Service will thereafter be provided pursuant to the Agreement and the terms and conditions contained in the Tariff immediately prior to its cancellation or withdrawal. In the event that Comcast is required by a governmental authority to modify a Tariff under which Service is provided to Customer in a manner that is material and adverse to either party, the affected party may terminate the applicable Sales Order upon a minimum thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to the other party, without further liability.
Tariffs. If either Party is required by any governmental authority to file a tariff or make another similar filing to implement any provision of this Agreement (other than a tariff filed by a Party that generally relates to one or more services provided under this Agreement but not specifically to the other Party), such Party shall take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that such tariff or other filing imposes obligations upon such Party that are as close as possible to those provided in this Agreement and preserves for such other Party the full benefit of the rights otherwise provided in this Agreement. If, subsequent to the effective date of any such tariff, a Party is no longer required to file tariffs with the Commission or the FCC, either generally or for specific services, the Parties agree to modify this Agreement to reflect herein the relevant and consistent terms and conditions of such tariffs as of the date on which the requirement to file such tariffs was lifted. Nothing in this Section 29.2 shall be construed to grant a Party any right to review any tariff filing of the other Party other than as provided under Applicable Law.
Tariffs. 17.1 The Licensee will charge the tariffs for the Service as per the Tariff orders / regulations / directions/decisions issued by TRAI from time to time. The Licensee shall also fulfill requirements regarding publication of tariffs, notifications and provision of information as directed by TRAI through its orders / regulations / directions issued from time to time as per the provisions of TRAI Act, 1997 as amended from time to time. CHAPTER-III FINANCIAL CONDITIONS
Tariffs. 3.1. for the use of the bank products/services outlined in the present agreement, the client is obliged to pay the bank commission/service fee the amount of which is determined consistent with the tariffs established by the bank by the time of performing transaction and/or providing service and/or according to the individual tariffs determined by the bank.
Tariffs. (1) The tariffs applicable to the agreed services on the specified route shall be established at reasonable levels, due regard being paid to all relevant factors including cost of operation, reasonable profit, characteristics of service (such as speed and standard of accommodation) and tariffs applicable to the services of other airline(s) on any section of the specified route.
Tariffs. No action to change, alter, rescind or otherwise ------- terminate the tariffs containing service regulations or any rates and charges for commercial mobile radio services which, if adversely determined, would have a Material Adverse Effect, is pending or known by the Borrower to be under consideration.
Tariffs. (1) The tariffs to be applied by a designated airline of one Contracting Party for carriage to and from the area of the other Contracting Party shall be those approved by the aeronautical authorities of both Contracting Parties and shall be established at reasonable levels, due regard being paid to all relevant factors, including cost of operation, the interests of users, reasonable profit and the tariffs of other airlines operating over the whole or part of the same route.
Tariffs. 1. The tariffs to be applied by the designated airline or airlines of a Contracting Party for air services covered by this Agreement shall be established at reasonable levels, due regard being paid to all relevant factors, including interests of users, cost of operation, characteristics of service, reasonable profit, tariffs of other airlines, and other commercial considerations in the market-place.
Tariffs. 6.1 The tariffs applicable to the transportation services rendered by the Contractor to ArcelorMittal in terms of this Agreement shall be as set out in Annexure C hereto.