Service Areas Sample Clauses

Service Areas. The MCP agrees to provide services to Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) members, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) members, and Adult Extension members residing in the following service area(s): Central/Southeast RegionNortheast Region ☒ West Region ☒ The ABD and MAGI categories of assistance are described in OAC rule 5160-26-02. The Adult Extension category is defined in Ohio’s Medicaid State Plan as authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MCP shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.
Service Areas. The MyCare Ohio Plan agrees to provide Medicaid services to individuals dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid pursuant to OAC rule 5160-58-02 residing in the following service areas: Service Area Regions Central ☐ East Central ☐ Northeast ☐ Northeast Central ☐ Northwest ☐ West Central ☐ Southwest ☐ The MyCare Ohio Plan shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.
Service Areas. Service Areas" will refer to areas, spaces, ------------- facilities and equipment serving the Project but to which Tenant and other occupants of the Building will not have access, including, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical and similar rooms, and air and water refrigeration equipment.
Service Areas. HHSC authorizes the MA Dual SNP to add the MA Product to Texas service areas that are not identified in Attachment C, Proposed MA Product Service Areas, provided it receives prior CMS approval and complies with the notice requirements specified in this Agreement.
Service Areas. If an appraiser declines an assignment because the appraiser, in his or her professional judgment, believes the property is outside of the appraiser’s professional service area, the Appraisal Department shall assign the Appraisal to another appraiser and may not pressure the declining appraiser to accept the assignment. The Ameriquest Parties shall not punish appraisers, including by reducing future assignments, for declining assignments the appraiser believes are outside the appraiser’s professional service area.
Service Areas. All trips must begin and end within the service areas boundaries depicted in Exhibit 1. The service areas are separated into zones, one ticket will be required for travel in each zone. Crossing into another zone will require another ticket with a three (3) ticket maximum per passenger regardless of the number of zones it takes to accomplish a single trip.
Service Areas. The Custodial Services will be performed at various locations on University’s premises designated in SCHEDULE 2 (collectively, "Service Areas") in accordance with the schedule specified in the Statement of Work. After 60 days advance written notice to Contractor, University may add additional areas or facilities to the Service Areas. The pricing for and the schedule for performance of the Custodial Services for any added areas or facilities will be mutually agreed upon by University and Contractor through an amendment to this Agreement.
Service Areas. To accomplish the goal of watershed focused mitigation, the 2 Sponsor has proposed the watershed Service Areas described in Appendix I. The fees for 3 various impacts in the Service Areas will be collected and combined to fund mitigation projects 4 in that relevant Service Area. In exceptional situations, the HCCC ILF Program may be used to 5 compensate for an impact that occurs outside of the Service Area if specifically approved by the 6 Corps and/or Ecology, in consultation with the IRT, pursuant to the procedures and criteria 7 prescribed in Appendices H, I, and K. If the Corps and Ecology determine that the Sponsor has 8 sold, used, or transferred credits at any time to provide compensatory mitigation for loss of 9 aquatic resources outside of the Service Area where the impact occurred without prior 10 approval under the terms of this instrument, the Corps and Ecology, in consultation with the 11 IRT, may direct that the sale, use, or other transfer of credits immediately cease. The Corps and 12 Ecology will determine, in consultation with the IRT, the Sponsor and the appropriate 13 regulatory authority, what remedial actions are necessary to correct the situation and will 14 direct the Sponsor’s performance prior to the award of any additional mitigation credits.
Service Areas. SERVICE AREAS" means the square footage of the areas within (and measured from the mid-point of the walls enclosing) the Building stairs, fire towers, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks, pipe shafts, vertical ducts, risers, and chases, and other vertical penetrations. Areas for the specific use of Tenant and installed at the request of Tenant such as special stairs or elevators are not included within the definition of Service Areas (I.E., such areas will be included in the Usable Area leased of the space being measured).
Service Areas. PLAN agrees to provide services to GROUP’s Eligible Employees pursuant to the Agreement in PLAN's licensed Service Areas. If PLAN expands its Service Area, PLAN shall make available to Employees of GROUP in that new Area who select PLAN through the CaliforniaChoice Program all relevant Participating Providers and all benefits covered by this Supplement. The availability of such services in such new Service Areas shall commence immediately upon receipt of state regulatory approval.