Paragraph 4 Sample Clauses

Paragraph 4. Except where otherwise specifically agreed between the contracting parties which initially negotiated the concession, the provisions of this paragraph will be applied in the light of the provisions of Article 31 of the Havana Charter. Ad Article III Any internal tax or other internal charge, or any law, regulation or requirement of the kind referred to in paragraph 1 which applies to an imported product and to the like domestic product and is collected or enforced in the case of the imported product at the time or point of importation, is nevertheless to be regarded as an internal tax or other internal charge, or a law, regulation or requirement of the kind referred to in paragraph 1, and is accordingly subject to the provisions of Article III.
Paragraph 4. 1.3 of CUSC The provisions of this Clause 4 give effect to the provisions of Paragraph
Paragraph 4. 4.4 of the Agreement is amended to provide that at the Hillside Closing Date and applicable Westlake Closing Date, as applicable, Escrow Holder shall deliver to Seller the Hillside Purchase Price or applicable Westlake Purchase Price, as applicable, after taking into account the adjustments and cost allocations in accordance with Sections 10 and 11 of the Agreement, as amended hereby.
Paragraph 4. 1: Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Party B shall have the sole right and power to remove the Escrow Agent and appoint a new Escrow Agent in accordance with paragraph 4 of the Standard Conditions should the Escrow Agent refuse or fail to comply with Clause 4 to deliver all or any of the Transfer Documents to the Party B upon receipt of a Transfer Notice, including without limitation, as a result of any of the matters referred to in paragraph 2.3(g) or paragraph 6.6 of the Standard Conditions or an Insolvency Event relating to the Escrow Agent or the Party A.
Paragraph 4. 11 relating to Borrower’s contribution is deleted.
Paragraph 4. 7.3., shall be deleted Insert new paragraphs 4.11. to 4.11.4., to read: