Financial Conditions Sample Clauses

Financial Conditions. Section 4.01. (a) The Recipient shall maintain a financial management system, including records and accounts, and prepare financial statements in a format acceptable to the Bank, adequate to reflect the operations, resources and expenditures related to the Project.
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Financial Conditions. Section 4.01. (a) The Recipient shall maintain or cause to be maintained records and accounts adequate to reflect in accordance with sound accounting practices the operations, resources and expenditures in respect of the Project of the departments or agencies of the Recipient responsible for carrying out the Project or any part thereof.
Financial Conditions. In consideration of the Activities performed and the provision of the Counterpart, SANOFI shall pay to RECIPIENT the following amount: thirty thousand (30,000) DKK excl. VAT. The Counterpart is split as follows: COUNTERPART ASSOCIATED BUDGET SCHEDULE OF PAYMENT DKK 30,000
Financial Conditions. The Borrower shall ensure that:
Financial Conditions. If a faculty member is on a half pay leave, Oakland's contribution to the Multiple Option Retirement Program on behalf of the eligible faculty member shall continue as if the faculty member were not on leave. However, Oakland's contribution will be limited to the maximum employer pension contribution that is non-taxable, as permitted by applicable Federal tax regulations.
Financial Conditions. In consideration of the rights granted to BIOPHYTIS pursuant to this LICENSE AGREEMENT, BIOPHYTIS undertakes to pay to SATT LUTECH, in its capacity as the agent of the ESTABLISHMENTS, the amounts set forth in this article.
Financial Conditions. 4.1 The total prize fund amounts to 425,000 US dollars. The amount is net and cleared of any local taxes.
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Financial Conditions. Allocation. The financial conditions and grants allocated to the Parties for the completion of the Project are specified in the Project Description. Grants shall be distributed by the Project Leader specified in Schedule 1, or in the absence of a Project Leader, by the Executive Board, always in accordance with Project Description.
Financial Conditions. The Client represents and warrants that his/her financial condition is sound. Before starting to conduct OTC transactions, the Client understands and has very carefully considered the risks associated in trading in the OTC market and he/she is financially able to bear such risks and withstand any losses incurred.
Financial Conditions. (a) The Borrower shall not permit the Consolidated Net Debt / EBITDA Ratio at any time to exceed 3.5 to 1.
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