Tariff Sample Clauses

Tariff. 2.95.1 Any applicable Federal or state tariff of a Party, as amended from time- to-time;
Tariff. (a) You hereby acknowledge and agree that we have agreed to supply the Services to you at the agreed Tariff and charges on the basis that you have committed to the Minimum Spend and Minimum Term commitments.
Tariff. 2.85.1 Any applicable Federal or state tariff of a Party, as amended from time-to-time; or
Tariff. 11.1.1 The Aggregator shall pay to the Supplier tariff comprising the sum of Fixed Charge and Variable Charge payable by the Aggregator to the Supplier for Availability and for supply of electricity, as the case may be, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement (the “Tariff”).
Tariff. Any applicable Federal or State tariff of a Party, as amended from time to time.
Tariff. As set forth in Section 8 of Article II of Seller's August 7, 1989 revised Stipulation and Agreement in Docket Nos. RP88-68 et. al., (a) pregranted abandonment under Section 284.221 (d) of the Commission's Regulations shall not apply to any long term conversions from firm sales service to transportation service under Seller's Rate Schedule FT and (b) Seller shall not exercise its right to terminate this service agreement as it applies to transportation service resulting from conversions from firm sales service so long as Buyer is willing to pay rates no less favorable than Seller is otherwise able to collect from third parties for such service.
Tariff. A filing made at the state or federal level or a published price list and / or general terms of service, for the provision of a Telecommunications Service by a Telecommunications Carrier that provides for the terms, conditions and pricing of that service. Such filing or price list may be required or voluntary and may or may not be specifically approved by the Commission or FCC.
Tariff. Any applicable Federal or state tariff, product guide, standard agreement or other document, as amended from time to time, that sets forth the generally available terms, conditions and prices under which Verizon makes a service, facility, arrangement or the like available for purchase. The term “Tariff” does not include any SGAT pursuant to Section 252(f) of the Act.
Tariff. WinStar acknowledges that this is a private non-common carrier agreement and that any incorporation of WinStar tariff provisions is done for the convenience of the Parties.