Affected Party definition

Affected Party has the meaning specified in Section 5(b).
Affected Party means the Party seeking to claim relief in respect of a Force Majeure Event;
Affected Party means the party seeking to claim relief in respect of a Force Majeure;

Examples of Affected Party in a sentence

  • Counterparty shall promptly provide notice thereof to Dealer (i) upon the occurrence of any event that would constitute an Event of Default or a Termination Event in respect of which Counterparty is a Defaulting Party or an Affected Party, as the case may be, and (ii) upon announcement of any event that, if consummated, would constitute an Extraordinary Event or Potential Adjustment Event.

  • Counterparty shall, upon obtaining knowledge of the occurrence of any Potential Event of Default in respect of which it would be the Defaulting Party, or a Termination Event in respect of which it would be an Affected Party, notify Dealer within one Scheduled Trading Day of the occurrence of obtaining such knowledge.

More Definitions of Affected Party

Affected Party means, in relation to a Force Majeure Event, the party claiming relief under this Clause 17 by virtue of that Force Majeure Event, and "Non-affected Party" shall be construed accordingly;
Affected Party. As defined in the Swap Agreement.
Affected Party has the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 17.1;
Affected Party means a party prevented from performing the party’s obligations in accordance with this Agreement by an Event of Force Majeure.
Affected Party means the Party claiming to be affected by a Force Majeure Event in accordance with Clause 8.1.
Affected Party has the meaning assigned to that term in Section 2.10.
Affected Party means the electric system of the Party other than the Party to which a request for interconnection or long-term firm delivery service is made and that may be affected by the proposed service.