The Client shall Sample Clauses

The Client shall. 6.1.1. Make available, provide, and/or deliver, as applicable, all information, materials, context, and/or products as is necessary for Meero to provide the Services and Deliverables;
The Client shall. 4.1.1. make all payments specified in these General Terms and Conditions and/or respective Master Agreement in full, timely and proper manner;
The Client shall. 4.2.1. Fully comply with the terms of this Agreement.
The Client shall. 5.1.1. Provide at time of confirmation the nationality of the Guests. This information is used for market data purposes;
The Client shall. 6.2.1. Pay the Bank for servicing in the "BTA Online" system under the Bank rates effective at the time of the transaction.
The Client shall a) pay on time the prices for the natural gas storage services in line with the invoices issued by the Chiren UGS Operator;
The Client shall. 3.5.1. submit any information and documents required for the performance of the Contract to the Attorney in a timely manner and grant the Attorney access to the Client’s accounting source documents as necessary;
The Client shall. 10.1.1 Undertake and complete a competitive and transparent bidding process to select the successful bidder.
The Client shall. 2.1 (a) Guarantee and shall pay to UofSC the flat fee of (INSERT FULL CONTRACT FEE HERE AND HOW THE FEE IS DERIVED FROM THE CURRENT SCHEDULE OF FEES) based on not more than (INSERT REQUIRED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AT THIS CONTRACT FEE) for the initial program cohort, payable in installments to the office of the University Bursar at UofSC Columbia, as follows: (INSERT PAYMENT SCHEDULE HERE) (EXAMPLE OF PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR 3 YEAR PROGRAM BEGINNING IN SUMMER OR FALL 2009 AND ENDING SPRING 2012 WHERE EACH INSTALLMENT TOTAL TO FULL CONTRACT PRICE:
The Client shall. 2.3.1. Pay for the Services provided by the Contractor in the amount and within the time periods stipulated in the Agreement and fulfil the obligations undertaken under the Agreement.