Section 15.2 Sample Clauses

Section 15.2. 1. Step 1. 32 Employees shall first discuss the grievance with their immediate supervisor. If employees so 33 wish, they may be accompanied by an Association representative at such discussion. All 34 grievances not brought to the immediate supervisor in accordance with the preceding sentence 35 within twenty (20) workdays after the grievance is discovered or reasonably should have been 36 discovered, shall be invalid and subject to no further processing. The immediate supervisor 37 will respond to the grievant within five (5) workdays of the informal meeting. 38
Section 15.2. 43 Nothing contained herein shall be construed to prevent the District from discharging an employee for acts of 44 misconduct occurring after the expiration of the school year.
Section 15.2. 24 Grievance claims will be processed as rapidly as possible. The number of days indicated at each step 25 will be considered as maximum and every effort will be made to expedite the process. Time limits 26 under unusual circumstances may be extended by mutual consent. Failure of the employee(s) to 27 proceed with the grievance within time limits provided will result in dismissal of the grievance.
Section 15.2. 11 All provisions of this Agreement shall be applicable to the entire term of this Agreement 12 notwithstanding its execution date, except as provided in the previous Section.
Section 15.2. 11 All employees subject to this Agreement who are not members of the Association on the effective date of 12 this Agreement, and all employees subject to this Agreement who are hired at a time subsequent to the 13 effective date of this Agreement,, shall, as a condition of employment, become members in good standing 14 of the Association within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement or within thirty (30) days 15 of the hire date, whichever is applicable. Such employee shall then maintain membership in the 16 Association in good standing during the period of this Agreement. 18 Section 15.3. 19 As an alternative to, and in lieu of the membership requirements of the previous sections of this Article, an 20 employee who declines membership in the Association may pay to the Association each month a service 21 fee as a contribution towards the administration of this Agreement in an amount no greater than regular 22 monthly dues. This service fee shall be collected by the Association in the same manner as monthly dues.
Section 15.2. 2 Salaries contained in Schedule A shall be for the entire term of this Agreement, subject to the terms and 3 conditions of Article XXI, Section 21.3. Should the date of execution of this Agreement be subsequent to 4 the effective date, salaries, including overtime, shall be retroactive to the effective date.
Section 15.2. 41 In the event that an employee believes there is a basis for a grievance, the employee may first discuss the 42 alleged grievance with his/her building principal or other appropriate supervisor either personally or 43 accompanied by his/her Association representative. If the grievance is not thus resolved, formal grievance 44 procedures may be instituted. However, the exhaustion of the informal procedure is not a condition 45 precedent to invoking the formal grievance procedure.
Section 15.2. 28 The Association shall be notified by the District of any formal grievance of any employee in the bargaining
Section 15.2. 24 The Association shall be notified by the District of any formal grievance of any employee in the 25 bargaining unit. The Association shall also be given reasonable opportunity to be present at any initial 26 meeting called for the resolution of the grievance.