Supervisors Sample Clauses

Supervisors. (a) Project Co shall employ competent supervisors and necessary assistants who shall be in attendance at the Site while work is being performed, and shall specifically include a competent mechanical and electrical coordinator and equipment coordinator. Project Co acknowledges that the supervisors are Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4. Project Co’s supervisors shall, subject to Section 8.4, devote their full time during working hours to the Project and remain at the Site until the Substantial Completion of the Work is achieved and thereafter, such supervisors shall, subject to the provisions of Section 8.4, devote sufficient time and effort to the Project as necessary until the final certificate of payment has been issued by the Consultant and all Minor Deficiencies have been rectified. Project Co shall include in its staff separate qualified mechanical and electrical coordinators who shall be responsible for (i) coordinating the general, mechanical and electrical shop drawings submitted by the Subcontractors and Suppliers for various trades or divisions of the Work; (ii) checking for any conflicts or interferences of the Work of one division or trade with another; (iii) checking for completeness of the shop drawings; and (iv) providing direction on any changes that may be required for compliance with the Contract Documents for submission to the Consultant and review of the shop drawings. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be active participants in the Commissioning and shall work closely with the Commissioning Agents in accordance with Schedule 9 – Commissioning Program. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4.
Supervisors. Supervisors may continue to perform bargaining unit work, which is incidental to their jobs. They may also perform bargaining unit work in emergency situations and where such work is necessary to train a bargaining unit Employee. Such work by supervisors shall not cause any layoffs of the bargaining unit Employees.
Supervisors. So long as an employee is classified as a supervisor by the Employer he will not be used to permanently displace regular employees covered by this Agreement. Such provision shall not be construed to prevent supervisors from performing such manual work as may be required for the purpose of instruction, supervision, investigation, inspection or experimentation or in case of emergencies.
Supervisors. All supervisory time earned on or before April 25, 1980 shall be counted for seniority purposes, and no supervisory time accrued after April 25, 1980 shall be counted for seniority purposes.
Supervisors. (a) On a project where an employee is assigned the responsibility for directing a crew and keeping records for same, he shall be paid a premium of eight percent (8%) over his regular rate. This shall not be construed to mean a single Technician working with a Trainee(s). The foregoing is subject to the following:
Supervisors. A. In order to assure an orderly understanding of authority of supervisors for job assignments and instructions, the Employer shall designate by name those persons with such authority in each division and post notices of such designation in the department on the bulletin board.
Supervisors. For purposes of the Grievance Procedure only, the following is a list of the designated supervisors for each specific classification:
Supervisors. Departmental production supervisors shall not engage in production work, except such production work may be undertaken when instructing new employees, breaking in a new job, correcting faults of production procedures and dealing with emergencies.
Supervisors. The Employer agrees that it is in the best interests of both the employees and the Employer that all matters of communal interest pertaining to the employee/employer relationship be handled by one central authority. To that end, the Employer agrees to give a list of supervisors in each department to the Union.