Supervisors Sample Clauses

Supervisors. Individual supervisors have responsibility to see that employees receive whatever training is necessary to adequately perform their job and keep pace with changes in technology.
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Supervisors. Departmental production supervisors shall not engage in production work, except such production work may be undertaken when instructing new employees, breaking in a new job, correcting faults of production procedures and dealing with emergencies.
Supervisors. The Employer agrees that it is in the best interests of both the employees and the Employer that all matters of communal interest pertaining to the employee/employer relationship be handled by one central authority.To that end, the Employer agrees to give a list of supervisors in each department to the Union.
Supervisors. The Company shall have two (2) supervisors. Each of Photronics Singapore and DNP shall be entitled to nominate one (1) representative to be elected as the supervisors.
Supervisors. Supervisors may continue to perform bargaining unit work which is incidental to their jobs. They may also perform bargaining unit work in emergency situations and where such work is necessary to train a bargaining unit employee. Such work by supervisors shall not cause any layoffs of the bargaining unit employees.
Supervisors. The FRANCHISEE shall assign a qualified person or persons to be in charge of the operations within the Franchise Area that shall be responsible to the Environmental Manager and shall be accessible at reasonable times of call. The FRANCHISEE shall give the names and day and night telephone numbers of these persons to the COUNTY. The FRANCHISEE shall notify the COUNTY within twenty-four (24) hours of any supervisory staff changes. Supervisory personnel must be present to direct operations in a satisfactory manner. Said supervisor(s) must be available for consultation with the Environmental Manager within a reasonable, practicable time after notification of a request for such consultation. The supervisor(s) shall operate a vehicle, which is radio equipped. We currently utilize cell phones for communication.
Supervisors. Except for Supervisors in ESL/World Language, Secondary, or Special Education, in the event that layoffs are necessary, the Supervisors (including Chapter I Elementary Supervisor) shall be laid off in the inverse order of continuous seniority in the category of Supervisor. Supervisors in the ESL/World Language, Secondary, or Special Education areas shall be laid off in the inverse order of seniority as Supervisors in the program. In the event that a Supervisor is laid off because of his/her seniority, he/she may replace the least senior teacher in an area where the supervisor is certified, provided that if he/she is certified in more than one (1) area, the administrator will be returned to the area of teaching he/she formerly held if there is a teacher in such area with less seniority; and in the event there is no teacher with less seniority in the administrator's area, then the Superintendent shall assign the administrator to a position in which he/she is certified and there is a teacher with less seniority.
Supervisors. Supervisors may perform bargaining unit work for purposes of instruction, training (not to include long term exercises) relief of employees, emergencies, or post rotation periods, or when necessary to staff a position until a bargaining unit member is available. The Union will have the right to review the call-out record at any time. It is the intent of the Employer to assign Supervisors to perform bargaining unit work in only a short notice and short hour context, and the Supervisor on shift will make their best effort to find an available bargaining unit employee to perform the work.
Supervisors. Supervisors who observe or have knowledge of employees committing any of the prohibitions of this policy are required to take appropriate action. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.APPENDIX E
Supervisors. OFFICE PERSONNEL DO NOT WORK No supervisors or office personnel will be allowed to use hand tools or carry out work which would be normally done by employees in the bargaining unit, except in the instruction or training of employees, or for the purpose of inventory or audit.