Association Representative Sample Clauses

Association Representative. “Association representative” shall mean any representative of the Association who is a member thereof and who has been officially so designated in writing by the President of the Association to the Board of Higher Education acting through the Chair of the Council of Presidents, and where such representative has responsibilities that are confined to a single University, to the President of such University, and shall, without further designation, include the Chapter President.
Association Representative. Management recognizes that one of the prime functions of the Council is to represent bargaining unit members and investigate complaints of members of the bargaining unit.
Association Representative. 6-1: The Association may have a representative or representatives at each school or work location.
Association Representative. Members of the association and their respective affiliates shall be permitted to transact official organization business on school property at reasonable times, provided that this activity shall not interfere with or interrupt school operations.
Association Representative. The term
Association Representative. Representative(s) of the Association shall be admitted to the Employer's facilities for the purpose of processing grievances or attending meetings as permitted herein. Upon arrival, the Association representative shall identify himself to the Employer or the Employer's designee. The Employer shall recognize no more than ten (10) employees designated by the Association to act as representatives for the purposes of processing grievances in accordance with the Grievance Procedure. The employees so designated shall be recognized as representatives provided herein. The Deputies unit shall have one (1) designated representative, the Corrections unit shall have one (1) designated representative, the non-sworn unit shall have one (1) designated representative, the Supervisors unit shall have one (1) designated representative. The Association may have an additional six (6) at large representatives. Any representative that is directly involved in a matter shall not act as a representative in the matter.
Association Representative a) The Company must identify the purpose of a meeting prior to its commencement. Employees have the right to have an Association Representative present at any meeting that is disciplinary in nature. Notice of such meetings shall provide sufficient time for the employee to consult with their Association Representative prior to the meeting.
Association Representative. Per the requirements of the Fire FightersXxxx of Rights Act, an employee who requests such may have an Association representative present at any meeting with the Deputy Fire Chief and/or the Fire Chief which could result in punitive action of that employee. The Association will make a good faith effort to minimize the response time to an employee's request for rep- resentation.
Association Representative. A bargaining unit nurse shall have the right to request the presence of an Association designated xxxxxxx at any meeting that may result in subsequent discipline of the nurse, provided that the request does not result in undue delay of the meeting. The Association designated xxxxxxx shall not engage in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the meeting. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver of the rights of either the Association or any bargaining unit nurse under federal law.
Association Representative. If a meeting or discussion is held to address formal written reprimands, or any meeting which may adversely affect the employee's job; such meetings or discussions will be conducted in private. The employee or supervisor has the right to be accompanied by a representative of his/her choice. Said representative may become an active participant during the meeting or discussion. If the issue is not resolved in two (2) one hour meetings, the administrator may schedule additional meetings outside the workday. Whenever possible, meetings will be held during non-instructional time. A SESPA representative may visit employees during the work day provided such visitation does not interfere with either one's normal work responsibilities. SESPA and the DISTRICT further agree that SESPA business will normally be conducted outside the employee's work time.