Open Positions Sample Clauses

Open Positions. If there are any open bargaining unit position(s) at the 36 time a layoff is announced, the position shall be posted in accordance 1 with Section (FG) in this Article. If the position remains vacant after five 2 days, the position shall be made available to nurses facing layoff.
Open Positions. No full-time non-classroom position in a school will be staffed with anyone whose certificate/license qualifies them to fill a classroom open position in that school.
Open Positions. The Credit Parties shall at all times limit their Open Positions in accordance with the Risk Management Policies as from time to time in effect.
Open Positions. The District reserves the right to determine whether or not a position which is vacated needs to be filled. The District will inform the Union leadership when they determine a position will not be filled. If a vacated position is to be filled, the District shall post such position within ten (10) work days from the day the position has been known to be permanently vacated. The District will make every effort to fill the position within twenty-five (25) work days thereafter.
Open Positions. Eleven Days or Less: All open positions of eleven (11) days or less (due to scheduled and/or unscheduled absences) are assigned daily to substitute drivers. The substitute driver remains with the open position until the regular driver returns.
Open Positions. If he fails to do so, upon termination, the Company will close any Open สนสดขอ้ ตกลงแลว อยดว้ ยราคาปัจจบน บรษ ัทจะปิดสถานะทย งเปิด Positions at current Quotes; B. บรษ ัทมสทธท จะระงับมใิ หล้ ก คา้ เขา้ ถง แพลตฟอรม การซอขาย หรอ อาจจํากดการใช
Open Positions. No Restricted Person will permit to exist any risk (including price, basis and time risk) in respect to commodities traded, purchased, sold or held by it except (i) in compliance with Risk Limits in effect on the date hereof as defined in and set forth on Schedule 7.10, as such Risk Limits may be modified by the Borrower from time to time after the date hereof pursuant to its Risk Management Policy, and (ii) transactions entered into with a good faith belief that no violation of such Risk Limits exists and where such violation is remedied as promptly as possible and in any event by the close of business on the Business Day following the date that such violation was discovered.
Open Positions. 16 7.6.1 Full-time, non-teaching, bargaining unit positions which become 18 and the positions and qualifications posted to the entire bargain- 19 ing unit.