The Union President Sample Clauses

The Union President. A leave of absence without pay for up to two (2) years shall be granted to a member of New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees elected or appointed to a full time position with the Union or any body which the Union is affiliated. Such leave may be extended for a further two (2) year leave or more at the request of the employee. Such request shall not be unreasonably denied. Such leave shall be subject to the following conditions:
The Union President of Local #1 will receive the Maintenance Mechanic’s “A” rate during his term in office as President. The Company also agrees that if the Union President is defeated in an election held by Local #1 or resigns he/she may return to their former position. This understanding is given provided the Union agrees to any crew relocation’s made necessary by the Presidents return to the work force.
The Union President. Designee has the right to meet with any new employee during non-work hours for a period of 30 minutes in order to communicate union information via an orientation meeting. Provisions of Section 1 of this article do not apply to this union orientation meeting.
The Union President and Grievance Chairperson shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time, without loss of pay, to investigate and process advanced grievances referred to them; generally, advanced grievances shall mean grievances at the Step 3 level.
The Union President or in lieu of the Union President, a bargaining unit member selected by the Union, shall be provided with time off with pay (hours paid shall be based on the hours the employee did not attend work during the employee’s assigned hours of work for the specific day of the event) of up to an aggregate of three (3) days per contract year to attend AFSCME:
The Union President on behalf of the membership in those cases where there is an alleged Class Action violation of the contract, may file a grievance initially at Step Three within the ten
The Union President. Chief Xxxxxxx will maintain and furnish the Employer a complete and current list of duly elected officers and stewards.
The Union President will be copied on correspondence provided to bargaining unit employees outlining the results of their job evaluation review.
The Union President provided he is a member of the Union Executive and the other two (2) members of the Executive will be assigned to the day shift. If in the event of a five (5) man executive, the Union President and the other four (4) members of the executive will be assigned to the day shift.
The Union President or Acting Union President shall give a written decision to the Associate State Director/State Director or Acting Associate State Director/Acting State Director within fourteen (14) calendar days after the meeting.