Scheduled Sample Clauses

Scheduled. Scheduled absences are those absences from duty which are able to be requested in advance by 8 p.m. on the employee's shift preceding the absence.
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Scheduled position means a position coming within the scope of this Agreement.
Scheduled. MDC scheduled outages must be notified to BuildNet at least 24 hours in advance, and shall last no longer than one hour and shall be scheduled between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., Eastern Time). MDC may request extensions of scheduled down time above one (1) hour and such approval by BuildNet may not be unreasonably withheld.
Scheduled. Overtime on any service exceeding three (3) hours shall be pro-rated in fifteen-minute segments.
Scheduled or "SCHEDULING" means the actions of Seller, Buyer and/or their designated representatives, of notifying, requesting and confirming to each other and any third party the quantity and type of Energy to be delivered on any Operating Day (a) submitted to MISO by Seller as Seller's Generation Offer from the Facility for a relevant Operating Day during the Term pursuant to this Agreement, or (b) submitted to MISO by Seller and accepted by Buyer as a Financial Bilateral Transaction for a relevant Operating Day during the Term pursuant to this Agreement.
Scheduled. Scheduled uses are those not defined as unscheduled. Requests for scheduled PTO must be submitted at least five (5) days in advance. Once PTO has been scheduled, it may not be changed except for reasons authorized by the division supervisor. Depending on the workload of the unit, the supervisor may waive all or part of the five (5) day advance notice requirement. Obtaining prior approval constitutes scheduled leave.
Scheduled. At any one time on or after the sixth anniversary of the date of original issuance of the Redeemable Preferred Stock, upon the election of the holder or holders of a Two Thirds Interest of the outstanding Redeemable Preferred Stock, the Corporation shall redeem all (and not less than all, other than pursuant to Section B.5(c) below) of the outstanding shares of Redeemable Preferred Stock. The redemption price for each share of Redeemable Preferred Stock redeemed pursuant to this Section B.5(a)(i) shall be the per share Redeemable Liquidation Preference Amount (as defined in Section B.4 above) (the "Redeemable Redemption Price"). The foregoing election shall be made by such holders giving the Corporation and each of the other holders of Redeemable Preferred Stock not less than fifteen (15) days prior written notice, which notice shall set forth the date for such redemption.
Scheduled. Hours: The Employer agrees to schedule unit employees for one hundred sixty(160) hours during the basic work period.
Scheduled. If Tenant requires additional TVA Security Officer support for the Premises, a minimum of fourteen (14) days’ advance notice to the TVA Administering Agent’s designated security services email box is required, or the “Premium Security Fee” (as indicated in Article 5(b) below) shall apply. Tenant should not assume that additional staffing has been scheduled until email confirmation is received from TVA’s Administering Agent.Tenant shall notify TVA’s Administering Agent by email of any meetings involving twenty (20) or more members of the public or external parties a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance prior to its occurrence so that TVA’s Administering Agent may determine the additional staffing required, subject to the Standard Security Fee (as provided in Article 5 below) so long as advance notice is given as provided for in this section. Tenant should not assume that additional staffing has been scheduled until email confirmation is received from TVA’s Administering Agent.
Scheduled. Interest” means a Subject Interest that is attributable to a well, leasehold interest or other property interest specifically identified on Exhibit “G” hereto as having an Allocated Amount greater than $0.00.