Section 9 definition

Section 9 means Section 9, Block 35, T-1-N, T&P Ry. Co. Survey, Martin County, Texas.
Section 9 means that part of the Property known as the P&NG Lease 0409070106, which expired on July 9, 2014.

Examples of Section 9 in a sentence

The attributes are explained in Part A, Section 9, reference 1 of this Specification.If not already an RFC, Registry Operator will use the most recent draft version of the Interface Specification at the Effective Date.

Along with the delivery of each Deposit, Registry Operator will deliver to Escrow Agent and to ICANN (using the API described in draft-­‐lozano-­‐icann-­‐registry-­‐interfaces, see Part A, Section 9, reference 5 of this Specification (the “Interface Specification”)) a written statement (which may be by authenticated e-­‐mail) that includes a copy of the report generated upon creation of the Deposit and states that the Deposit has been inspected by Registry Operator and is complete and accurate.

The digital signature file will be in binary OpenPGP format as per RFC 4880 Section 9, reference 3, and will not be compressed or encrypted.

A performance security, if required, shall be provided in the amount and form provided in Section 9 and by the deadline indicated in the Data Sheet (DS no.

The process to follow for the data file in original text format is:(1) The XML file of the deposit as described in Part A, Section 9, reference 1 of this Specification must be named as the containing file as specified in Section 5 but with the extension xml.(2) The data file(s) are aggregated in a tarball file named the same as (1) but with extension tar.(3) A compressed and encrypted OpenPGP Message is created using the tarball file as sole input.